Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday, here's a rundown of what went down.

  • Wednesday night my mom took me to see Real Madrid play Guadalajara Chivas at Qualcomm stadium. So nice of my favorite La Liga team to come to town and play for me on my birthday. 
  • RM won 3-0 and I got to see a Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick. 
  • I was bummed Sergio Ramos was injured and didn't come to town for the game and that Xabi Alonso was injured and stayed on the bench. I was sitting across the bench but couldn't make out a single player. It's a wide field, haha.
  • After the 2nd goal by RM a large group of Chivas fans set off red and blue smoke bombs and then firecrackers and fireworks. Not like little fireworks, like big star burst fire works. Gotta love Mexican fans! I don't think security was too happy about it but it was pretty neat to look at from our seats quite a way away. 
  •  Real Madrid Chivas pictures  

  • Thursday I went to Comic-Con. After getting our passes and our giant swag bags Rich and I went to Ballroom 20. We saw Bruce Campbell and Matt Nix talk for an hour about this and that mostly Sam Axe and Burn Notice. Saw a clip of the documentary that was shot during the making of The Fall of Sam Axe called "The Fall of Jeffrey Donovan". Bruce Campbell is amazingly hilarious and really loves his fans and Matt Nix really seems to enjoy working with The BC, hehe. 
  • Next up in the same room was the Covert Affairs panel. The whole cast and creator/writers were there. The cast really seems to get a long well for a show that is only in it's second season. Piper seems to really enjoy the challenge of the part from the stunts to the languages her character has to speak, a different one almost every episode. Chris Gorham They showed a blooper reel from the first season. 
  • And after that in the same room was the Psych panel, which as much of a Bruce Campbell fan I am was the best panel. Bruce was definitely funny and I could have listened to him and Matt talk for a few more hours, Psych really know and love their audience. It started with the Friendly Indians performing a sing along of the Psych theme song. The cast came out and helped sing along the last verse. They showed a clip from the first episode of the next season that will be starting in October and it ended with them showing the music video they made of Don't You (Forget About Me).
  • We then met up with my brother who went to a panel for the video game Darkness. He said he also ran into (quite literally) Andrew WK on the floor and also saw Mike Patton on the floor and told him he likes his music to which he responded, thank you I like you, or something like that, my memory isn't the best. The three of us wandered the floor, where are the exhibit booths are, saw some awesome, saw some horrible costumes. Tried to take it all on, the floor is HUGE and there is interesting shit EVERYWHERE. We got 2 drawings from a guy that does really cool stuff. Rich bought a drawing/mixed media 8x14 or something like that print of Walter from The Big Lebowski and I got a print of Picard and Kirk. I got an early copy of Jim Butchers novel Ghost Story and we stopped by the Suicide Girls booth and got a copy of their book Beauty Redefined and had it signed by the girls that were there. FYI Radeo and Milloux are absolutely stunning in person. 
  • Earlier in the day my brother had told me how he saw a guy in a big orange tank costume who had to be directed by his friend cause he couldn't see/maneuver well. When we were at the BBC America booth checking out the TARDIS and things they had for sale he points at a key chain and says, "that was it that was it, the big tank thing." "Oh my god you saw a Dalek!! I want to see a Dalek!" 
  • Next we headed over to the hotel next to the convention center, because Comic-Con is that big that they have panels and events at the hotels on each side of the convention center, for the Archer panel, as we were walking there apparently Justin Timberlake was on a golf cart right next to me, I didn't see him, hell I probably wouldn't have recognized him even if I was looking in the right place. We got to that room in the middle of the Effin Tonight panel, an animated web series with Patrick Warburton playing the main character. Patrick Warburton is hilarious and the show looks like it could be pretty good. 
  • The Archer panel started with a showing of the first episode of the next season of the show. I've only seen bits and pieces of the show before. The episode they showed was hilarious and the cast and creator/writer there were also very very funny. I will definitely catch up on the show and watch the next season. Aisha Tyler is hilarious and she looked like she just rolled out of bed and came to the panel and was still stunningly beautiful.
  • We all headed back to the convention center, once we got in there we were walking to another room and I saw Zak and Nick from Ghost Adventures walking right in front of me. I noticed Zak first, saw his tattoo peaking out the top of his shirt and then realized under the back collar of his shirt it said Zak Bagans. They stopped and as we walked past them Rich said, love your show, and Zak said thank yous, back. Then Nick and Aaron (who I didn't even see, but short me only sees what is right in front of me) and the other people with them start making fun of Zak for saying yous, hehe. Zak wasn't as big as I thought he would be but I was a person or two away from him and being such a small person everyone is tall to me, I expected him to have much wider shoulders and larger arms, but he was probably relaxed and slouching a bit more than he does when he is on camera or dealing with scary ghosts, lol.
  • I was going to try and catch a panel about the LGBT characters in the Buffyverse, it was full and had already started by the time we got there but I decided to hang out in line just in case. I gave my swag tickets from the Covert Affairs and Psych panel that could be redeemed for t-shirts to my brother and he and Rich, who had tickets of his own, were going to try and find where they could be redeemed. None of us were successful, so we decided to meet back up and I was texting with my brother and he said to come downstairs and meet them at the flying sharks. I responded with, um ok. I made my way downstairs and along the outside of the floor and was thinking the whole time, flying sharks, WTF?! Then I saw some shark shaped helium balloons with motors under them so they were flying. I was informed that Dominic Monaghan walked right by them a bit earlier, all dressed up in a nice suit and with what they assumed were publicists, etc with him. Oh and he is short apparently...DUH! He's a hobbit! Haha. 
  • We decided we probably needed to make our way to the fulfillment room which was in the hotel on the other side of the convention center, ie not the one we had came from about an hour ago. We headed over there and got our t-shirts. The Covert Affairs shirt is white and says Espionage Is A Beautiful Thing. There were 2 Psych shirts you could choose between so Rich and I got one of each. I got the Rolling Stone cover mock and Rich got the Private Eyes t-shirt. Sadly neither of us can really wear them, the only sizes were large and extra large. I wear youth or women's small and Rich wear XXL. They are still pretty cool and I will probably use them as sleep shirts. That ended up being a lot of walking and there wasn't anything else we absolutely needed to see. I think we had been at Comic-Con for just under 12 hours at this point.
  • We left and on the walk to the car we went into South Park, Comedy Central had taken over a parking lot and made it into bits of South Park. There were tricycle races, South Park karaoke, you could sing Cartmans Poker Face, it was pretty amazing. We also saw the Conan gallery, we didn't go in but we saw a bit of the art from the street and could see the life size Flaming C made from Lego's in the window. I also saw a Ghostbusters car just go around a corner as I looked up, I could hear it's distinctive siren as well. Most if not all of downtown San Diego had been taken over by Comic-Con and were transformed into different bars and nerd friendly places for the weekend. 
  • Comic-Con pictures
I didn't take many pictures at Comic-Con and the pictures from the match didn't turn out great, they were both more about the experience and couldn't be captured in pictures really but I did take some.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

These are the things my husband carries with him everyday. Keys, gate remote, change, wallet.
See that heart among the change. That’s my heart, or so I told him when I saw a basket of metal hearts beside a cash register at a store and bought one.
That was ten years ago when we were dating. It is almost completely smooth now. It use to have an irregular pitted like surface. He carries it with him every single day.