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A few cool things I found in my morning e-mail/reader check:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest:

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updated: I'm a T-shirt winner

Update Again:
Forgot to mention the shirt is 100% organic cotton also! Oh and Duncan posted my picture on his myspace Stop Shark Finning page, he does and Ban T Shirts, pretty awesome and I would guess busy dude.  

I received my shirt yesterday, here is a picture. 

I don't remember how I found the site in the first place but I recently visited and added them on myspace and twitter too. Or ban tshirts on twitter, who make stop shark fining shirts, not sure who they all are or if they are the same person/people or what not but they are all connected somehow.  

I think I read about the contest on twitter first and headed over to Shirts on sale to enter to win a stop shark fining shirt.  To do so they made me actually do some research which I was happy to do and learned quite a bit while doing it and then got depressed reading all the stuff, not really but it is pretty heavy and depressing stuff. 

I came home from work not feeling so well today, the world is kinda spinning around me and I tried to stay at work as long as I could but I had to leave before I was done.  I lied on the couch till about 30 minutes ago and then turned on my computer and checked my email and sitting in my inbox was a congratulations on winning.  It made me feel better for a bit, then I realized things are still spinning, but I am seriously so excited.  It is the little things like this that make me feel better and better about some of the people in this world.  I tend to get quite cynical at times.  

Here is the post on Shirts on sale about me winning, glad I could make them smile with my email signature as well.  Thanks again guys and to everyone else check out and get involved and/or spread the word.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shower water

After spending 4 days in an area with soft(er) water than I have at home I had to do something.  I came home and the only problems I had been having with my hair were back.  I thought I was just going to have to live with a few minor things since I quit using conventional shampoo.  It turns out that it was not the lack of shampoo it was the nasty hard mineral laden water I shower with.  I had already quit using the baking soda because of soap scum issues and I was getting a nasty soap scum film on my scalp even with just using apple cider vinegar rinse.  When I was in Indian Wells that problem along with another disappeared after my first shower.  It was amazing.  So I got home and after my first hair wash it was back again.  

The other issue I was having was lint related in a way.  I hadn't noticed before but the soap scum or whatever buildup there was on my scalp also was on the first 2 inches or so of my hair and it was apparent after my first shampoo.  I could feel a bit of stickiness on the first few inches of my hair.  Previous to this every time I would brush my hair my comb and/or brush would get a layer of fuzzy lint.  It was not apparent in looking at my hair and before I went to Indian Wells I didn't even notice the stickiness, after however it was quite apparent.  

So I decided I would get a filter/softener for my shower.  Since I live in an apartment there isn't much else I could do.  I looked at a few online and ended up going to my local Lowe's and getting one of the ones I had seen and liked on various sites.  I ended up with Sprite's Slim-line Shower Filter.  That is just a random site I found it on, like I said I bought mine at my local Lowe's and it was a few buck cheaper I think.  The filter needs to be replaced every six months which seems pretty reasonable to me.  I will not have to go back to shampoo or conditioner and that will save me a lot more than I will spend on the filter.  I don't know much of the science behind it and what is even in the little filter thing and even if it is a softener or just filter.  After one shower I can feel a bit of a difference in my skin alone and I have not had any lint issues while brushing my hair and even my husband remarked that his skin and hair felt softer.  So far so good and I hope this solves more of my hair issues and perhaps help my itchy dry skin too.  Which makes me think of another good blog post the lotion I make out of mostly kitchen ingredients, so until I write that one go ahead and look at my previous tennis post and the gorgeous pictures. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sugaring success and failure

Back to posts before my little tennis distraction.  I successfully sugared my armpits.  It was a lot less painful than I thought it would be and the results were amazing.  I don't think I have ever had such baby soft pits, well not since I was a baby.  It lasted almost a week but I waited another week before I sugared again, I did it the night before I left for tennis so I knew I would not have to worry about my pits the whole time.  Of course it hurts a bit, you are ripping out your hair but I have tried waxing on my legs before and that was quite painful and this was less painful in a more sensitive area.  I used the recipe I posted previously and cut up an old sheet to use as strips.  I used an old knife to spread the sugar and when I was done with a strip I put it into a bowl of water I had in the sink.  When I was done with the whole process the sugar had pretty much come off all the strips and I just swooshed them around in the water and then set them out to dry and next time I did laundry I put them in a mesh bag and threw them in.  All clean and ready for next time.  A simple and effective process for hair removal.  That being said I did come across complications...

I liked the sugaring so much I tried it on my legs with horrid results.  It didn't work very well, probably more of an execution thing, as in I just suck at it but I also ended up with A LOT of ingrown hairs on my legs, really badly.  They weren't painful but they were very apparent, lots of red bumps on my legs and they lasted a long time, two weeks, I still had them when I left for tennis.  I exfoliated a few times with my homemade sugar scrub and it helped a bit but it was still not great.  

So I will continue to sugar my armpits but not my legs.  Sugaring the legs is a bit difficult also, I got the shin area done fine but when you move to the sides it gets harder and I never did the calf area because I just couldn't bend that way.  So sugaring great for pits not so great for legs, not the results I was expecting but I am very happy with the results.  

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Got Electronic Waste?

For the locals, from EDCO's site:

Got Electronic Waste?

EDCO now accepts qualified e-waste devices, such as computer monitors and TVs, at the EDCO Recycling Buyback Center, located at 224 S. Las Posas Road in San Marcos (map). Qualified electronic devices are accepted from the public and from State Certified Collectors at no charge. Non-qualified items such as computer drives, keyboards, printers, and other related computer parts are accepted for a small fee.

TVs and computer monitorsResidential customers may also call EDCO to collect unwanted electronic devices for a nominal cost through the company's bulky item collection service.

Save water, not in Shadowridge.

A local couple is having issues keeping and getting proper approval for their low water usage front yard.  Read the article HERE

I get the point of HOA's I guess, I mean I really don't, I think the over planned and supposed "pretty" homes and streets of these communities is kinda creepy.  Everything is so similar and you have to get approval to do practically everything.  I often think I would not be allowed to buy a home in the area because I have tattoo's and other outward things that don't fit in with community "standards".  Would I myself be deemed an eye sore, the little 5 foot woman with 3 feet of flaming red hair and explicit tattoo's? I think my time in one of the communities would be very short and end very badly because I would feel so stifled that I would eventually explode and overnight I might paint something a crazy color or something, you know those crazy houses we make in The Sims, hehe.  

The article is about homeowners that put in gravel and low water plants and apparently put in too much gravel.  Oh no it doesn't fit into the green lawns of the neighbors, give me a break.  We practically live in a desert here, green grass is not meant to grow here.  I would much rather live in an area that had limits on the amount of lawn you could have.  I personally find large lush green lawns revolting.  It is not a popular opinion but I am sure it is not one that I am alone in.  It just disgusts me that people trying to lessen their water use would come across so many problems.  They are trying to do what the state asks us to do, lessen our water usage and other regulatory boards are telling them not to, or they are doing it WRONG. That in itself is just wrong. 

Some more photos

Me watching Ferrer's match.

Me in the background after Ferrer won.

Just for clarification, I like Ferrer, he is definitely a cutie and I don't have anything bad to say about him but looking at this blog you'd think I was majorly obsessed, I am not, well not majorly, that's the key word, hehe.  It just happened that his match was the only one Leslie also went to and I was across the way, hence all the in the background pictures.  She has many many many many other photos, mostly Federer, that I am not putting up.  Those are all being put up on, some even on the home page because she is that elite, haha.  She has a lot of Fer and Feli pics too, we watched their doubles match, it was ridiculously crowded.  My true obsession is Robredo but I was always by myself watching his matches or him practice and I am not the greatest photographer so those photos have not been deemed worthy.  Just wanted to add that little bit of clarification. Oh and all the tennis pictures besided the ones in A post just for my Jewish Mother are Leslie Martino's and I and she would greatly appreciate it if you did not use them without crediting or permission.  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shirt change time *drool* and an adorable Fer

Mid-match shirt change for Ferrer, it really is the simple things in life that are pleasing. 

Adorable Fernando Verdasco

While I was gone

So life back at home still goes on when I am not around, surprising isn't it, haha.  The right turn only lane three blocks from my home was taken out.  That's all I have noticed really...besides my cat and that is where this blog really starts.  

A bit of background, my 7 year old cat, Otsego, has some neurotic issues I guess, she basically has Bald Belly Syndrome.  She chews her fur off of her belly or whatever area she decides at the time.  We treat it with Obsession Remedy from Spirit Essences, works wonders.  She stopped chewing and grew back all her fur.  We were running low on it before I left and lowered her treatment and she was fine, we then got a new bottle of Skin Soother this time which is suppose to help treat chewing as well and we got it over Obsession because our 2 year old kitten, Harley Quinn, has itchy flaky skin and figured we could kill two birds with one stone.  

So while I was gone at tennis apparently Otsego started chewing again and pretty bad.  Now the question is was it because of the different formula or because I was gone and she couldn't deal with the absence of me?  Isn't that more of a dog thing, aren't cats suppose to be more independent?  My husband was home the whole time, almost literally the whole time.  He only worked one day while I was gone and home the rest of the time, he took a staycation while I was gone. So here are some pics of the baldy.  Let's hope all gets better now that I am home and we don't have to buy another bottle.  

A post just for my Jewish Mother...

Why                didn't             you 
come          watch      my     match?
Now I must wipe the tears from my eyes.

Photos from Yahoo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures from yesterday

Cute little puppy dog Ferrer carrying his towel in his mouth. 

Me to the left of Ferrer in a changeover during the match. 
Ferrer bending over after match with me in background. I definitetely didn't have best view at this time, teehee.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tennis Day 5 (3.15.09)

In the morning I took all but my food things and other odds and ends to my car so it was pretty much all ready for me to take off when I decided I had to tear myself away. Got to tennis headed straight into David Ferrer's match, he won, it was on stadium 3 where I watched Tommy Robredo and Fernando Verdasco win.  Ferrer is fun to watch, I love how he carries his towel in his mouth to the baseline after change overs, so cute like a little puppy dog.  Can I take him home with me.  I wandered around and watched Andy Murray practice for 10  min or so and thought to myself, nothing is going on I should just drive home now but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  

I saw that Robredo/Gonzalez match was next up, just had to finish Tursonov v Russel which was in first set so went over to court 6 to check it out and I ended up on court 5, in a first row standing room only spot for Verdasco/Lopez doubles match.  They are so pretty, can I take them home with me too, you think my husband would be mad if I showed up with a bunch of Spaniards in tow, haha.  They lost but it was still fun to watch.  

At that time it was a bit after 4pm and Tursonov match was looking like it was going into a 3rd set, I happened to wander into Leslie at the big scoreboard and Tursonov match did go into 3rd set so she took me back to hotel, helped me take last of my bags to my car and I hit the road. Got good time driving home and so bummed I wasn't still at tennis.  Robredo/Gonzalez ended up winning, wish I could have been there.  

Ate some dinner, relaxing on couch watching what Tivo recorded for me when all of a sudden my husband's phone rings really loud and startles us, it was Leslie asking why I was not answering my phone and to call her because I am going to die.  I call her and she tells me she got me a signed and personalized picture of Gavin Rossdale for me.  She took a picture of him when he was there with Roger at one of his practice sessions last year and she printed it up along with her photos of players. How awesome is that, just sucks that I have to wait a whole week till I can have it, unless I end up driving back out for next weekend depending on who is in finals.  

I had so much fun at tennis and besides the great times and stories I walk away with a signed photo of Marat Safin and a personalized one of Gavin.  She just sent me a picture message of the signed photo. Can't wait to see it myself.  Now I have to go buy two frames, one for Safin and one for Gavin.  

HSA Pictures

I have not even gotten to the grounds yet today and I am already missing it since I have to leave at some point today.  I am all ready to go, very anxious, grounds don't open till 10.  So here are a few choice pictures from random days of the HSA. If you don't know what HSA are oh well for you, just feast your eyes on these boys.
Robredo and Nadal
Feliciano Lopez
David Ferrer

Fernando Verdasco

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tennis Day Four (3.14.09)

No pics and short and simple.  Watched Robredo match from second row behind umpire chair. He won.  Wandered around not much new. Watched Verdasco from same spot later in day.  He also won. Saw same players around practicing and doing their thing. So tired after sitting in sun all day. 

One bit of news over heard, don't know validity of it. Apparently Roddick is getting married next month in Texas. I am not a Roddick follower so don't know if that news is already out there.  

After Fer's match I wandered while most were in watching Federer cruise in his match, I sat and watched Ferrer practice his serve and then do a bunch of crunches and things on court.  Quite entertaining, teehee

Other thing, rode on elevator up to room with Justin Gimelstob. I think he was coming from the gym at the hotel, very nice little gym they have here.  Or I guess he could have been out running or something. But it was end of day so he could have been in a suit and tie and I probably wouldn't have noticed, but he wasn't and I did notice.  

Time to get some sleep, first up tomorrow, Ferrer, from same spot I watched Tommy and Fer play and win, it's the lucky Spanish spot. Vamos!  Have to drive home tomorrow, Tommy and Gonzo doubles are last match on 6, Safun is last day match on 2 which will probably be a night match anyways, so I guess I will watch Ferrer and then check out the practice courts till I feel the need to go home.  I will never feel the need to go home but I will drag myself home. So sad I am leaving.  Also Gonzo just took court to play Hewitt as I write this, what a late match.  

Oh and my eye was better today, I did take some Claritin and that helped but they are definitely not happy little puppies but I don't spend much time in the sun in my daily life so they will just have to suffer.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tennis Day Three (3.13.09)

No pictures in this post sorry.  
Day started out with the usual looking at practice courts.  Robredo was practicing on court 7 before the first match there.  The seats were already full, it is a tiny court, three rows of folding chairs just as long as the court.  It maybe has 150 seats, not a lot at all, and only on one side of the court.  So after he is done I leave to do the regular practice round scope out for the until his doubles match was starting.  When the match before his was done I made my way into court 7.  No seats still, standing room only but I was standing right behind the back row so I had a good view, a very nice view in fact, hehe.  In second set I got a back row seat.  Here is the final score of his doubles match:
F Gonzalez (CHI) / T Robredo (ESP) d R Schuettler (GER) / R Soderling (SWE) 63 61

YAY. So excited for them.  

After the match I grabbed myself a front row seat for the next match. 
D Ferrer (ESP) / A Montanes (ESP) d I Karlovic (CRO) / D Vemic (SRB) 64 64

Why could I not have a front row for Tommy too.  Karlovic is so very tall.  About two games into that match my eye, which I almost poked out on Tuesday night watering my pine tree started killing me.  It has been a bit red and watery since Tuesday night but I could barely even open it at this point.  I think the combo of the sun and the poking was getting to it, but wearing a wide brim had did nothing so it was just even the reflective light.  I was in agony and still am a bit.  I did pretty much nothing else after that match.  Watched a big of Monfils practice and finished the day off watching shirtless Igor Andreev and Marat Safin practicing.  That was fun and made me feel a bit better.  

I also saw Tsonga and Djokovic, who I mistook for Gasquet from a far, they were quite crowded so I couldn't see so well and didn't stick around to really be able to tell.  I only realized my mistake when I followed Monfils out to the same court and realized it was not Gasquet.  Nalbandian, Ferrer, Nadal, Federer, and others I am forgetting were also seen today.  

Dinner time and then resting my eye.  I got myself some Claritin in case it's an allergy thing, my nose is a bit runny, cross your fingers I don't get drowsy, if I do I will be the chick asleep on stadium 3 during Robredo's match tomorrow.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tennis Day Two (3.12.09)

Day started out in a rush to get to grounds around ten, didn't get to bed till 3 or so.  Got to grounds and Roger Federer was practicing.  Les and crew stood there for the hour practice, I headed to the other practice courts.  Found David Nalbandian took a few pics then moved on to Tommy Robredo. I was literally the only person watching him practice. What is wrong with people? Picture of me happy happy, and a bit tired looking already.

A few hours later my phone suddenly died and I was pissed, after I had already tweeted: "Moved on to Tommy Robredo. No matter what else happens today I will be a happy girl. :) So easy to please." That's what I get for saying that.  For the rest of the day I had no way of telling what time it was or knowing where my friends were, we don't tend to stick together.  Get back to hotel and apparently my battery just up and all of a sudden died.  At least I don't have to go find a T-Mobile store.  

Back to tennis.  Throughout the day I saw many players practicing, Tsonga, Murray, Gasquet
Ferrer, Haas, Tursonov, Acasuso, Canas, and more I can't think of now.  First was a call from a friend in NY who informed us Mirka, Roger Federer's girlfriend is pregnant. That was exciting news.  
Other highlights from the day: 

Tommy Robredo of course, I could watch him all day.  

Marat Safin practiced and was not too crowded because Hewitt was playing on the main stadium. When he was done practicing Les got a picture she took a few years ago signed and wished him good luck and said, "We'll miss you." and without missing a beat in a monotone but sexy voice only Safin can pull off looked down at her and responded, "No you won't." Funny as Safin always is but also very very sad.  

All day yesterday Les was waiting for Fernando Verdasco, probably hands down the sexiest man on tour, she never saw him.  I saw him after Safin left, walking on grass area to come out and practice, quickly started yelling at her in a maniac manner, FER! FER! FER! Hurry get picture, she has a great shot of him from Davis Cup, I kept it up, shoving her, FER! FER! FER! FER! Hurry hurry go, I got her in such a panic it was hilarious.  He ended up coming onto the court Safin was on so we had front row spots.  He is looking mighty fine.  Hair in a REAL Mohawk, no sissy faux hawk, great smile and good form.  He said he's sign her picture after his practice, which he did.  He also signed her Spanish flag bandanna.  On court with him were Gil Reyes and Darren Cahill
WOW he will be a force to recon with for sure with that team working with him. They are all part of the Adidas team and that's why they are there.  He had been working with all of them in the off season too, in Vegas.  Fer was crazy packed with people so I meandered around, when the practice courts are packed I don't tend to stick around, being only 5 feet tall I don't feel so comfortable with GIANT people all around and if I'm not in front then I can't see a thing.  

Same court then has Rafa come out and he is hitting with Robredo. Didn't watch a second of that cause WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. I was deprived of more Robredo and the people weren't even there to see him.  I was sad, but so so so so tired, long day of being in the sun after only 4 hours of sleep.  We went back to the court after the usual hour of practice they do figuring no one would be bothering Tommy and I could get a pic with him and we find out they are doing a two hour practice. 

So we headed back to hotel and now here I sit writing this and looking at the pictures we took.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tennis Afternoon One

I made it out to Indian Wells tonight.  I am here for the BNP Paribas Open, have come here for the past 6 or 7 years. All I did was drive here this afternoon, Leslie arrived in the morning and quickly went to the grounds.  Todays feature story is about Vince Spadea.  

Vindawg was doing a signing and they were eating so Leslie went up to him and said, "Hey Vindawg", he said in response to her RF hat, "You got the wrong hat on but I like you anyways" and went for a high five.  Two of her friends were there also and they got a picture.

Then Leslie said, "Hey will you do a mini rap for us?" and it went something like this:

I dont rap no more
Because my life is a bore
Tennis is ova 
Now I got no life 
Gotta get me a wife
Get me a range rova
And ride with sharapova

That's what she remembers from memory and that sounds pretty much like a Spadea rap to me.  
I don't know why they did this without getting film of it!