Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tennis Day 5 (3.15.09)

In the morning I took all but my food things and other odds and ends to my car so it was pretty much all ready for me to take off when I decided I had to tear myself away. Got to tennis headed straight into David Ferrer's match, he won, it was on stadium 3 where I watched Tommy Robredo and Fernando Verdasco win.  Ferrer is fun to watch, I love how he carries his towel in his mouth to the baseline after change overs, so cute like a little puppy dog.  Can I take him home with me.  I wandered around and watched Andy Murray practice for 10  min or so and thought to myself, nothing is going on I should just drive home now but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  

I saw that Robredo/Gonzalez match was next up, just had to finish Tursonov v Russel which was in first set so went over to court 6 to check it out and I ended up on court 5, in a first row standing room only spot for Verdasco/Lopez doubles match.  They are so pretty, can I take them home with me too, you think my husband would be mad if I showed up with a bunch of Spaniards in tow, haha.  They lost but it was still fun to watch.  

At that time it was a bit after 4pm and Tursonov match was looking like it was going into a 3rd set, I happened to wander into Leslie at the big scoreboard and Tursonov match did go into 3rd set so she took me back to hotel, helped me take last of my bags to my car and I hit the road. Got good time driving home and so bummed I wasn't still at tennis.  Robredo/Gonzalez ended up winning, wish I could have been there.  

Ate some dinner, relaxing on couch watching what Tivo recorded for me when all of a sudden my husband's phone rings really loud and startles us, it was Leslie asking why I was not answering my phone and to call her because I am going to die.  I call her and she tells me she got me a signed and personalized picture of Gavin Rossdale for me.  She took a picture of him when he was there with Roger at one of his practice sessions last year and she printed it up along with her photos of players. How awesome is that, just sucks that I have to wait a whole week till I can have it, unless I end up driving back out for next weekend depending on who is in finals.  

I had so much fun at tennis and besides the great times and stories I walk away with a signed photo of Marat Safin and a personalized one of Gavin.  She just sent me a picture message of the signed photo. Can't wait to see it myself.  Now I have to go buy two frames, one for Safin and one for Gavin.  

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