Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tennis Day Two (3.12.09)

Day started out in a rush to get to grounds around ten, didn't get to bed till 3 or so.  Got to grounds and Roger Federer was practicing.  Les and crew stood there for the hour practice, I headed to the other practice courts.  Found David Nalbandian took a few pics then moved on to Tommy Robredo. I was literally the only person watching him practice. What is wrong with people? Picture of me happy happy, and a bit tired looking already.

A few hours later my phone suddenly died and I was pissed, after I had already tweeted: "Moved on to Tommy Robredo. No matter what else happens today I will be a happy girl. :) So easy to please." That's what I get for saying that.  For the rest of the day I had no way of telling what time it was or knowing where my friends were, we don't tend to stick together.  Get back to hotel and apparently my battery just up and all of a sudden died.  At least I don't have to go find a T-Mobile store.  

Back to tennis.  Throughout the day I saw many players practicing, Tsonga, Murray, Gasquet
Ferrer, Haas, Tursonov, Acasuso, Canas, and more I can't think of now.  First was a call from a friend in NY who informed us Mirka, Roger Federer's girlfriend is pregnant. That was exciting news.  
Other highlights from the day: 

Tommy Robredo of course, I could watch him all day.  

Marat Safin practiced and was not too crowded because Hewitt was playing on the main stadium. When he was done practicing Les got a picture she took a few years ago signed and wished him good luck and said, "We'll miss you." and without missing a beat in a monotone but sexy voice only Safin can pull off looked down at her and responded, "No you won't." Funny as Safin always is but also very very sad.  

All day yesterday Les was waiting for Fernando Verdasco, probably hands down the sexiest man on tour, she never saw him.  I saw him after Safin left, walking on grass area to come out and practice, quickly started yelling at her in a maniac manner, FER! FER! FER! Hurry get picture, she has a great shot of him from Davis Cup, I kept it up, shoving her, FER! FER! FER! FER! Hurry hurry go, I got her in such a panic it was hilarious.  He ended up coming onto the court Safin was on so we had front row spots.  He is looking mighty fine.  Hair in a REAL Mohawk, no sissy faux hawk, great smile and good form.  He said he's sign her picture after his practice, which he did.  He also signed her Spanish flag bandanna.  On court with him were Gil Reyes and Darren Cahill
WOW he will be a force to recon with for sure with that team working with him. They are all part of the Adidas team and that's why they are there.  He had been working with all of them in the off season too, in Vegas.  Fer was crazy packed with people so I meandered around, when the practice courts are packed I don't tend to stick around, being only 5 feet tall I don't feel so comfortable with GIANT people all around and if I'm not in front then I can't see a thing.  

Same court then has Rafa come out and he is hitting with Robredo. Didn't watch a second of that cause WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. I was deprived of more Robredo and the people weren't even there to see him.  I was sad, but so so so so tired, long day of being in the sun after only 4 hours of sleep.  We went back to the court after the usual hour of practice they do figuring no one would be bothering Tommy and I could get a pic with him and we find out they are doing a two hour practice. 

So we headed back to hotel and now here I sit writing this and looking at the pictures we took.  ENJOY!

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  1. Awesome blog my friend!!!
    Gotta love Marat & his sense of humor. I know I will miss him. Too bad your Tommy hit with ClayZilla. I know what those crowds are like & I am
    whats this?? Fer the sexiest on tour?? maybe 2nd my eyes anyway ;-)
    Hope you got more sleep last nite
    is your phone fixed???


    Laura Federer