Friday, March 13, 2009

Tennis Day Three (3.13.09)

No pictures in this post sorry.  
Day started out with the usual looking at practice courts.  Robredo was practicing on court 7 before the first match there.  The seats were already full, it is a tiny court, three rows of folding chairs just as long as the court.  It maybe has 150 seats, not a lot at all, and only on one side of the court.  So after he is done I leave to do the regular practice round scope out for the until his doubles match was starting.  When the match before his was done I made my way into court 7.  No seats still, standing room only but I was standing right behind the back row so I had a good view, a very nice view in fact, hehe.  In second set I got a back row seat.  Here is the final score of his doubles match:
F Gonzalez (CHI) / T Robredo (ESP) d R Schuettler (GER) / R Soderling (SWE) 63 61

YAY. So excited for them.  

After the match I grabbed myself a front row seat for the next match. 
D Ferrer (ESP) / A Montanes (ESP) d I Karlovic (CRO) / D Vemic (SRB) 64 64

Why could I not have a front row for Tommy too.  Karlovic is so very tall.  About two games into that match my eye, which I almost poked out on Tuesday night watering my pine tree started killing me.  It has been a bit red and watery since Tuesday night but I could barely even open it at this point.  I think the combo of the sun and the poking was getting to it, but wearing a wide brim had did nothing so it was just even the reflective light.  I was in agony and still am a bit.  I did pretty much nothing else after that match.  Watched a big of Monfils practice and finished the day off watching shirtless Igor Andreev and Marat Safin practicing.  That was fun and made me feel a bit better.  

I also saw Tsonga and Djokovic, who I mistook for Gasquet from a far, they were quite crowded so I couldn't see so well and didn't stick around to really be able to tell.  I only realized my mistake when I followed Monfils out to the same court and realized it was not Gasquet.  Nalbandian, Ferrer, Nadal, Federer, and others I am forgetting were also seen today.  

Dinner time and then resting my eye.  I got myself some Claritin in case it's an allergy thing, my nose is a bit runny, cross your fingers I don't get drowsy, if I do I will be the chick asleep on stadium 3 during Robredo's match tomorrow.  

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  1. Great report my friend
    How is your eye feeling?
    You really should watch out for trees they are VERY