Sunday, March 15, 2009

HSA Pictures

I have not even gotten to the grounds yet today and I am already missing it since I have to leave at some point today.  I am all ready to go, very anxious, grounds don't open till 10.  So here are a few choice pictures from random days of the HSA. If you don't know what HSA are oh well for you, just feast your eyes on these boys.
Robredo and Nadal
Feliciano Lopez
David Ferrer

Fernando Verdasco


  1. HSA has 2 meanings, missy!!!
    where is my HSA?????? ;-)


  2. Oh I know, but your HSA is a singular so it can just be called what it is where as the above mentioned HSA is a whole collective. When we go trolling for HSA we mean the above not "your" HSA.