Thursday, March 19, 2009

While I was gone

So life back at home still goes on when I am not around, surprising isn't it, haha.  The right turn only lane three blocks from my home was taken out.  That's all I have noticed really...besides my cat and that is where this blog really starts.  

A bit of background, my 7 year old cat, Otsego, has some neurotic issues I guess, she basically has Bald Belly Syndrome.  She chews her fur off of her belly or whatever area she decides at the time.  We treat it with Obsession Remedy from Spirit Essences, works wonders.  She stopped chewing and grew back all her fur.  We were running low on it before I left and lowered her treatment and she was fine, we then got a new bottle of Skin Soother this time which is suppose to help treat chewing as well and we got it over Obsession because our 2 year old kitten, Harley Quinn, has itchy flaky skin and figured we could kill two birds with one stone.  

So while I was gone at tennis apparently Otsego started chewing again and pretty bad.  Now the question is was it because of the different formula or because I was gone and she couldn't deal with the absence of me?  Isn't that more of a dog thing, aren't cats suppose to be more independent?  My husband was home the whole time, almost literally the whole time.  He only worked one day while I was gone and home the rest of the time, he took a staycation while I was gone. So here are some pics of the baldy.  Let's hope all gets better now that I am home and we don't have to buy another bottle.  

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