Saturday, October 24, 2009

My brain knows things I do not

I grew up a baseball fan, went to games quite regularly, the family even had season tickets for a few years in the 90's. I understand and appreciate the game and can hold my own while viewing and enjoying a game. I don't pay all the much attention to baseball anymore and most of the guys I grew up loving are no longer in the game or *shudders* are coaches, boy does that make me feel old. I stopped paying as much attention to baseball a few years back, the whole steroids and bullshit just got too much for me and I just don't see the game the same anymore, but that's not the point of this post. I should also say that I am in no way a fan of basketball of football, both of them I have never really watched and am the typical girl about them, I know practically nothing about the sports and find them stupid and dumb, again just the typical girl.

There are things you can ask me about and I would go um um um I don't know but when watching a baseball game I understand what is going on. Basically there is information I know but can't willingly recall. One such fact is who wears the light and who wears the dark uniforms. I can't for the life of me tell you till earlier this year.

While watching the hockey playoffs I was getting so confused, I knew where the games were being held and I would keep getting excited for a goal and then realize that it was the wrong team. Watching hockey today I found myself doing the same thing, it happens more in the regular season when I watch hockey just for the joy of the game and don't pay as much attention to it because I mainly only get Kings hockey in my area and I have never been a Kings fan. Although since the Ducks were in the playoffs this year I didn't get to watch much of them because once the Kings were eliminated I was apparently in Ducks market and got a lot of blacked out games, pissed me off so bad, I also am not a Ducks fan AT ALL (is it wrong that when I wrote out I said it in my head like a Canadian because we are talking about (also said in my head like a Canadian)hockey).

Back to the hockey playoffs earlier this year, my husband enlightened me to the fact that I was getting confused because in hockey the dark/light home/away colors are the opposite of what they are in baseball. So apparently I know which team wears which uniform, I just can't actually recall this information, and my brain just automatically thought the same way. So I then mention this to my dad when we were watching a hockey playoff game and he tells me why baseball has the dark/light home/away uniforms. The away teams wear the dark because the traveling teams didn't have the facilities to wash their jerseys on away games, this of course is way back in the day. So to make it easier on the away teams they would wear darker uniforms that showed less dirt. Hey I can now remember that fact because that makes sense. Why hockey is the opposite I don't know. Hockey isn't as dirty of a sport, unless you count blood but that has nothing to do for the most part with home or away.

So that is the story of my brain knowing things I didn't know it knew, wonder what else it is hiding from me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

You haven't seen what?

When I was growing up we didn't watch a lot of movies or even tv either. We didn't have cable tv until I was a senior in high school. MTV really mean nothing to me, I never really knew it showed actual music videos, by the time I had access to it I was more into metal which got next to no play on MTV so I never watched it. That may sound all well and good but I have disgusted a few people with the fact that I haven't seen a lot of movies from the late 80's and the 90's and before and beyond, but mostly from that time. My husband has dealt with this and I have watched a few of the movies but he was having a conversation with his cousin the other day and they started listing all these great movies and asking if I had seen them. Usually I would just hang my head and not answer. I am not oblivious to these movies and I know I would like them and a lot of them I have seen most parts but I have never actually watched them from start to finish. So here is a list of movies I have not seen that they can't believe:

The Burbs
Three Amigos
The Jerk
Space Balls
Spy's Like Us
Police Academy
Karate Kid
Godfather (all of them)
Coming to America

Mostly comedies which I love so it is a crime that I haven't seen them apparently. I completely agree with some of them, I know I would love Caddyshack and I have seen most of it but in bits here and there, same with The Burbs. I have also never seen most horror movies from the 80's and 90's, Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween, and even things like Alien and Terminator. I am quite a fragile girl and scare very easily. I deal with it a lot better now that I am older and I do want to watch some of those movies but just like the comedies I just haven't gotten to them. I love B horror movies, the discovery of the SciFi (now SyFy) channel when I was in college was one I was happy to find. I love those B monster movies new and old and ones with lots of camp even if they aren't trying to be campy. There really is no excuse for the lack of movies I have seen and I plan on remedying that, The Burbs should be waiting for me in my mailbox right now from Netflix.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Slacking and computer crash

So I have obviously been slacking on posting, which is something I always do but wanted to change. I have been dealing with some unusual headaches. I have never been plagued by headaches until a few months ago. Now I get them pretty regularly and it is a pain in the, well head actually. It starts as a sore neck for usually a few days and if I can remember to I can keep it at just an annoying sore neck for a few days with occasionally applying an ice pack to the back of my neck base of my skull area. Sometimes I feel it creep up into the back of my head and those headaches aren't debilitating just annoying. Last month though that did NOTHING and it quickly developed into a real headache, pounding front of head/whole head type of headache. Every day I would wake up with a sore neck and by the time early evening rolled around the head would start aching, days I worked, days I didn't work, days I kept busy, and days I spent curled up on the couch, nothing would change the progression. That lasted about a week and then poof all gone. They started again mid last week. This time with a sore back and then sore back and neck and yesterday came the headache. I feel the neck right now and I can feel it starting in my head.

This headache however could be totally caused by stress because my computer crashed on Friday. Vista just crashed for no reason at all and so I had to re-install it and all my drivers and basically start with a fresh new computer, not physically but I lost everything that was on my computer. It is just a personal computer and when my last laptop crashed we bought a VERY large external hard drive and I pretty regularly back up my files onto it so I didn't lose all that much. I have most of my bookmarks, which in reality I don't use that much, but they are a great reference for when I am looking for gifts since I have a million and one eco-friendly sites bookmarked and they have some REALLY cool stuff. I also have a TON of articles and other sites I never got around to reading.

I did lose some photos, nothing too important or anything that makes me that sad but I did lose pictures that I had been meaning to use in a blog post or two, I don't even remember what some of them were and that is why I take pictures, so I can have something to at least remind me of what I wanted to blog about. Gee you think I am a visual learner.

So here is to hoping I can be headache free and that I can get into a mood to post more on my blog, even if it is just non-sense, it feels good to write ones feelings and thoughts and ideas down in a semi-lucid way and just have it there for you to read. (By you I mean myself, I really could careless if someone reads this but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who might actually be reading this, it just isn't really the reason I do it. If other enjoy then great, if they don't that's fine too.)