Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a tv watcher

My thoughts on the new season of fall tv:

New shows

2 Broke Girls
I liked it better than I thought I would have. Does that mean I think it is good....not really. It's not as horrible as I thought it would be and it made me laugh a few times. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't last but also wouldn't be surprised if it does, I don't understand most of the tv viewing public.

The New Girl
I was really surprised by the fact that I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. I really like Zooey but it seemed way too cutesy and it could get better, it was only the pilot but I don't have high hopes, especially with Damon Wayans Jr leaving, or at least I would think he is leaving since he is already on Happy Endings. A show I actually enjoy since we are talking about tv.

This looked horrible and while it is not the greatest I am intrigued as to what will happen with the characters so I keep watching.

I like Poppy Montgomery so I watched this. It's another crime drama with the 'twist' of her able to remember everything she sees/experiences. This 'twist' isn't necessary to the show at all, just another crime drama but it's not bad. Not sure I would recommend it but I will continue to watch, like I said I like Poppy Montgomery even if her accent comes out in quite a few words her American character says.

I think Whitney Cummings is hilarious BUT she is NOT network, or even cable, tv safe. She is NEVER safe but she is hilarious, crude crude humor I enjoy it and she does it pretty well. I think she has a lot of 'haters' for lack of a better un-over used word. So her show, as a show it's just another sitcom. It doesn't have anything special because tv takes the Whitney out of Whitney, I laughed, but I realize I am easy to entertain. What does it have for other people, um nothing special. It seems her and her boyfriend in it have good chemistry other than that again it's just another sitcom.

Prime Suspect
I didn't hear much about this show, Whitney was on before it so I didn't change the channel. Oh look another new crime drama. I'll continue to watch it. I like crime dramas. Maria Bello is the main character and her character is a badass and already has shown her vulnerable side and needed comfort from her boyfriend, oh and he's played by Kenneth Johnson, yeah that alone will get me to keep watching, easily entertained here! Hehe.

Not new shows:

Two and A Half Men
A 'reinvented' show perhaps. I didn't think this show had been funny for about 2 seasons. I thought the premiere was funny and the second episode....didn't have much really but it hasn't gotten worse in my opinion.

The Middle
I love The Middle, I absolutely LOVE The Middle. I love Modern Family and I think it is a great comedy but I think it is taking some of the thunder from The Middle, not that Modern Family doesn't deserve all it's own thunder but someone talk about The Middle please, because that show is just as consistently funny.

I watch a lot more tv, network and cable shows, and I mean  A LOT more. I don't watch any reality shows and I think Ringer might be the only CW show I watch. SyFy and USA have some of my favorite current shows. Oh you know what new show I like, Ridiculousness. Yes that MTV Rob Dyrdek show of video clips. Now before you go, Tosh.O rip off, watch it, it is a lot more like Americas Funniest Home Videos. He doesn't comment on the clips like Tosh does and they don't do skits or most other things Tosh does. They watch funny silly videos, mostly of people hurting themselves and laugh their asses off at them. Sounds stupid and not everyone likes that kinda of thing but I consistently laugh my ass off along with them.

EDIT: I watched the second episode of New Girl after I wrote this and I found it pretty funny and wasn't too cutesy this time. I enjoyed the second episode a lot more than the first. I also read today that Fox picked it up for a whole season.