Monday, October 5, 2009

Slacking and computer crash

So I have obviously been slacking on posting, which is something I always do but wanted to change. I have been dealing with some unusual headaches. I have never been plagued by headaches until a few months ago. Now I get them pretty regularly and it is a pain in the, well head actually. It starts as a sore neck for usually a few days and if I can remember to I can keep it at just an annoying sore neck for a few days with occasionally applying an ice pack to the back of my neck base of my skull area. Sometimes I feel it creep up into the back of my head and those headaches aren't debilitating just annoying. Last month though that did NOTHING and it quickly developed into a real headache, pounding front of head/whole head type of headache. Every day I would wake up with a sore neck and by the time early evening rolled around the head would start aching, days I worked, days I didn't work, days I kept busy, and days I spent curled up on the couch, nothing would change the progression. That lasted about a week and then poof all gone. They started again mid last week. This time with a sore back and then sore back and neck and yesterday came the headache. I feel the neck right now and I can feel it starting in my head.

This headache however could be totally caused by stress because my computer crashed on Friday. Vista just crashed for no reason at all and so I had to re-install it and all my drivers and basically start with a fresh new computer, not physically but I lost everything that was on my computer. It is just a personal computer and when my last laptop crashed we bought a VERY large external hard drive and I pretty regularly back up my files onto it so I didn't lose all that much. I have most of my bookmarks, which in reality I don't use that much, but they are a great reference for when I am looking for gifts since I have a million and one eco-friendly sites bookmarked and they have some REALLY cool stuff. I also have a TON of articles and other sites I never got around to reading.

I did lose some photos, nothing too important or anything that makes me that sad but I did lose pictures that I had been meaning to use in a blog post or two, I don't even remember what some of them were and that is why I take pictures, so I can have something to at least remind me of what I wanted to blog about. Gee you think I am a visual learner.

So here is to hoping I can be headache free and that I can get into a mood to post more on my blog, even if it is just non-sense, it feels good to write ones feelings and thoughts and ideas down in a semi-lucid way and just have it there for you to read. (By you I mean myself, I really could careless if someone reads this but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who might actually be reading this, it just isn't really the reason I do it. If other enjoy then great, if they don't that's fine too.)


  1. Phew. Sounds like you had a hell of a time the last couple of weeks. I thought you were just busy being extra sweet to your husband (from your last post on August 21-st) Glad you are okay!

  2. Oh! I hope the headaches stop! They can be so debilitating! Thinking healing thoughts for you!

  3. Just a thought-Check out This company has great customer service and with their software you forget that you are backing up. It's like having insurance for your computer. They are on Facebook too. Let them know that you found them via facebook and they will extend your trial by 30 days. Just a thought. Hope the headaches are decreased.