Saturday, March 21, 2009

Save water, not in Shadowridge.

A local couple is having issues keeping and getting proper approval for their low water usage front yard.  Read the article HERE

I get the point of HOA's I guess, I mean I really don't, I think the over planned and supposed "pretty" homes and streets of these communities is kinda creepy.  Everything is so similar and you have to get approval to do practically everything.  I often think I would not be allowed to buy a home in the area because I have tattoo's and other outward things that don't fit in with community "standards".  Would I myself be deemed an eye sore, the little 5 foot woman with 3 feet of flaming red hair and explicit tattoo's? I think my time in one of the communities would be very short and end very badly because I would feel so stifled that I would eventually explode and overnight I might paint something a crazy color or something, you know those crazy houses we make in The Sims, hehe.  

The article is about homeowners that put in gravel and low water plants and apparently put in too much gravel.  Oh no it doesn't fit into the green lawns of the neighbors, give me a break.  We practically live in a desert here, green grass is not meant to grow here.  I would much rather live in an area that had limits on the amount of lawn you could have.  I personally find large lush green lawns revolting.  It is not a popular opinion but I am sure it is not one that I am alone in.  It just disgusts me that people trying to lessen their water use would come across so many problems.  They are trying to do what the state asks us to do, lessen our water usage and other regulatory boards are telling them not to, or they are doing it WRONG. That in itself is just wrong. 

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    btw - reading your blog and looking at the pictures is killing me. 50 WEEKS TILL INDIAN WELLS!