Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shower water

After spending 4 days in an area with soft(er) water than I have at home I had to do something.  I came home and the only problems I had been having with my hair were back.  I thought I was just going to have to live with a few minor things since I quit using conventional shampoo.  It turns out that it was not the lack of shampoo it was the nasty hard mineral laden water I shower with.  I had already quit using the baking soda because of soap scum issues and I was getting a nasty soap scum film on my scalp even with just using apple cider vinegar rinse.  When I was in Indian Wells that problem along with another disappeared after my first shower.  It was amazing.  So I got home and after my first hair wash it was back again.  

The other issue I was having was lint related in a way.  I hadn't noticed before but the soap scum or whatever buildup there was on my scalp also was on the first 2 inches or so of my hair and it was apparent after my first shampoo.  I could feel a bit of stickiness on the first few inches of my hair.  Previous to this every time I would brush my hair my comb and/or brush would get a layer of fuzzy lint.  It was not apparent in looking at my hair and before I went to Indian Wells I didn't even notice the stickiness, after however it was quite apparent.  

So I decided I would get a filter/softener for my shower.  Since I live in an apartment there isn't much else I could do.  I looked at a few online and ended up going to my local Lowe's and getting one of the ones I had seen and liked on various sites.  I ended up with Sprite's Slim-line Shower Filter.  That is just a random site I found it on, like I said I bought mine at my local Lowe's and it was a few buck cheaper I think.  The filter needs to be replaced every six months which seems pretty reasonable to me.  I will not have to go back to shampoo or conditioner and that will save me a lot more than I will spend on the filter.  I don't know much of the science behind it and what is even in the little filter thing and even if it is a softener or just filter.  After one shower I can feel a bit of a difference in my skin alone and I have not had any lint issues while brushing my hair and even my husband remarked that his skin and hair felt softer.  So far so good and I hope this solves more of my hair issues and perhaps help my itchy dry skin too.  Which makes me think of another good blog post the lotion I make out of mostly kitchen ingredients, so until I write that one go ahead and look at my previous tennis post and the gorgeous pictures. 

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