Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tennis Day Four (3.14.09)

No pics and short and simple.  Watched Robredo match from second row behind umpire chair. He won.  Wandered around not much new. Watched Verdasco from same spot later in day.  He also won. Saw same players around practicing and doing their thing. So tired after sitting in sun all day. 

One bit of news over heard, don't know validity of it. Apparently Roddick is getting married next month in Texas. I am not a Roddick follower so don't know if that news is already out there.  

After Fer's match I wandered while most were in watching Federer cruise in his match, I sat and watched Ferrer practice his serve and then do a bunch of crunches and things on court.  Quite entertaining, teehee

Other thing, rode on elevator up to room with Justin Gimelstob. I think he was coming from the gym at the hotel, very nice little gym they have here.  Or I guess he could have been out running or something. But it was end of day so he could have been in a suit and tie and I probably wouldn't have noticed, but he wasn't and I did notice.  

Time to get some sleep, first up tomorrow, Ferrer, from same spot I watched Tommy and Fer play and win, it's the lucky Spanish spot. Vamos!  Have to drive home tomorrow, Tommy and Gonzo doubles are last match on 6, Safun is last day match on 2 which will probably be a night match anyways, so I guess I will watch Ferrer and then check out the practice courts till I feel the need to go home.  I will never feel the need to go home but I will drag myself home. So sad I am leaving.  Also Gonzo just took court to play Hewitt as I write this, what a late match.  

Oh and my eye was better today, I did take some Claritin and that helped but they are definitely not happy little puppies but I don't spend much time in the sun in my daily life so they will just have to suffer.  

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  1. sorry this is your last day but all good things must come to an end. I know the feeling, believe me. IT SUCKS!!! lol

    Have fun at matches today!! Will look for you at Ferrer match IF they show it on TTC.

    Thanks for all the updates & tweets on twitter....felt like I was there with you. Maybe next year I will be :-)
    BTW0did you get a pic with your beloved Tommy?
    I love the one Les took of him & Rafa....NICE!! She takes awesome pics!!
    Have fun today & safe drive home

    Laura xo