Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sugaring success and failure

Back to posts before my little tennis distraction.  I successfully sugared my armpits.  It was a lot less painful than I thought it would be and the results were amazing.  I don't think I have ever had such baby soft pits, well not since I was a baby.  It lasted almost a week but I waited another week before I sugared again, I did it the night before I left for tennis so I knew I would not have to worry about my pits the whole time.  Of course it hurts a bit, you are ripping out your hair but I have tried waxing on my legs before and that was quite painful and this was less painful in a more sensitive area.  I used the recipe I posted previously and cut up an old sheet to use as strips.  I used an old knife to spread the sugar and when I was done with a strip I put it into a bowl of water I had in the sink.  When I was done with the whole process the sugar had pretty much come off all the strips and I just swooshed them around in the water and then set them out to dry and next time I did laundry I put them in a mesh bag and threw them in.  All clean and ready for next time.  A simple and effective process for hair removal.  That being said I did come across complications...

I liked the sugaring so much I tried it on my legs with horrid results.  It didn't work very well, probably more of an execution thing, as in I just suck at it but I also ended up with A LOT of ingrown hairs on my legs, really badly.  They weren't painful but they were very apparent, lots of red bumps on my legs and they lasted a long time, two weeks, I still had them when I left for tennis.  I exfoliated a few times with my homemade sugar scrub and it helped a bit but it was still not great.  

So I will continue to sugar my armpits but not my legs.  Sugaring the legs is a bit difficult also, I got the shin area done fine but when you move to the sides it gets harder and I never did the calf area because I just couldn't bend that way.  So sugaring great for pits not so great for legs, not the results I was expecting but I am very happy with the results.  

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