Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some more photos

Me watching Ferrer's match.

Me in the background after Ferrer won.

Just for clarification, I like Ferrer, he is definitely a cutie and I don't have anything bad to say about him but looking at this blog you'd think I was majorly obsessed, I am not, well not majorly, that's the key word, hehe.  It just happened that his match was the only one Leslie also went to and I was across the way, hence all the in the background pictures.  She has many many many many other photos, mostly Federer, that I am not putting up.  Those are all being put up on, some even on the home page because she is that elite, haha.  She has a lot of Fer and Feli pics too, we watched their doubles match, it was ridiculously crowded.  My true obsession is Robredo but I was always by myself watching his matches or him practice and I am not the greatest photographer so those photos have not been deemed worthy.  Just wanted to add that little bit of clarification. Oh and all the tennis pictures besided the ones in A post just for my Jewish Mother are Leslie Martino's and I and she would greatly appreciate it if you did not use them without crediting or permission.  

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