Monday, February 9, 2009

Flaxseed hair wash

Just got out of the shower from my third hair wash with the flaxseed wash I made, thought I would update. (I'm not going to put any links in this post so you will have to go to the one below to get any details, I'm being lazy)

I highly recommend using some sort of squirt bottle you can squirt the stuff onto your scalp. Especially if you have thick hair like I do, it is pretty hard to actually get it onto my scalp and not just have it slide down my hair.

My second wash wash not so bad, didn't have a squirt bottle yet so I wasted a lot of it again because I couldn't get it to stay on my scalp. I also didn't rinse very well apparently because my roots felt like they had a lot of heavy goop on them. Was not visually noticeable, but it just kinda felt like I had over done a leave-in or something. Not really a big issue with me since my hair is so thick and coarse, I kinda like when it is weighed down, but I was not able to run my fingers through it so it was kinda gross.

It does not feel like that now, although now that it is drying a bit and if I flip it and feel around it does kinda feel like it has a residue on it still. I wonder if this is more of a transition thing and not actually from the wash since it is not a form of soap or cleanser really like even baking soda was. It at this point is not enough for me to stop using it. I think I will give it a few more weeks at least to see if this is a transition, I did not go through a transistion when I switched to BS and ACV.

It does not feel like this in the actual shower, when I go to rinse my hair it feels great and soft and manageable, I actually say wow and I never talk in the shower or even think for that matter. As it dries is when I start to feel the weighing down. I would think that since it is only on my roots it might just be my scalp oil not the actual wash and especially since I did not feel it the first wash. I coat the ends of my hair just as much as the roots with the wash so I don't know why it would only feel weighed down there, it has to do with my natural oils. (Yes I am thinking "out loud") I made sure to rinse really really well this time and I don't really see how I could have not rinsed it well enough.

I am out of wash and am going to make a new batch. I think I will add lavendar and maybe some tea tree or something, or perhaps just do a tea tree rinse before hand, I am getting kinda flaky and I do go though spurts of it but it is much less than what I stated in previous post.

On a hair note but not related to washes I learned how to do two new "do's". They are ridiculously easy and gorgeous if you ask me. I learned rope braiding and hawser braids. I learned them from tutorials on, ok I'll put in some links: Hair tutorials by torrinpaige.
I found her tutorials through the long hair community on
Here are pics of my hair in these two styles.

Rope braids

Hawser braids

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