Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on hair products.

To see what I'm using and what I was using and why I changed check out my blog from Feb 7th. Giving up on no 'poo.

This stuff is working pretty well for me, my hair is a bit more frizzy than what it was like with just baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse but I think hair will react to real soap in any form like that. It however isn't as crazy as it was when using conventional shampoos and even all other "eco" shampoos I have tried. My routine is shampoo, conditioner, combing using a wide tooth comb, a bit of air drying, apply hair oil, more air drying and then brushing with a new boar bristle brush I picked up. I usually do this once or twice a week depending on what's going on and how my hair is feeling. Between washings sometimes I add some more hair oil after a brushing because it gets a bit frizzy. I obviously don't have any issues with oily hair EVER. I could probably put an ounce of oil on my hair and it wouldn't be noticeable, besides a bit of a shine.

My scalp is a bit better, has it's days of good but also has it's days of bad. Just the way my scalp is I guess. It is now mostly caused by forces outside my control, stress, hormones, and stupid water quality, seriously the hardness of my water is ridiculous and makes bathing in general such a chore, but I am dealing and things are working out.


  1. I was really surprised with the color care shampoo and conditioner. They carry a light and pleasant red tea fragrance and a little of both the shampoo and conditioner goes a long way. I like the design of the containers as it helps to dispense a good amount of shampoo and conditioner without making a mess. Now, I don’t have color treated hair at the moment, but I liked the results of this intesifying duo. The shampoo lathered up real well leaving both my scalp and hair gently cleansed. The conditioner coated my hair evenly and both the shampoo and conditioner didn’t take much to rinse out clean without any oily residue that would weigh my hair down and make it look lifeless. My hair had plenty of shine, body, and cut down on the frizz drastically. My hair hasn’t looked and felt so healthy and nice in a long time!

  2. I could honestly yap for hours about all the crap I will and won't use on my hair. I've got a whole slew of bunny-friendly products I use, and none contain SLS or -cones. Let me know if you ever want to swap product recommendations!!

  3. They take FOREVER to dry when they are washed. Well what did I expect, really? It's like trying to dry a thick cardigan on the washing line. Of course it's going to take a while. Duh, Urban! lol. But I haven't been going anywhere special lately so it doesn't bother me too much. Even then, once they've dried out for a 2-3 hours, you can pretty much leave the house, without dripping water everywhere. That I had to burn the ends. I hate burning braid ends because they stick to and pull on clothes. I tried the knotting the end method, but that started unraveling after a couple of days. Maybe I should've sealed them in hot water?