Friday, April 9, 2010

My name is mudnessa and I'm....

...An inconsistent blogger despite my best intentions.

I wish I blogged more frequently even just about the asinine stuff that goes through my head, like the things I blab on and on about to Rich which make him just look at me and shake his head and say, "You're thinking too much again." Sometimes if it's ultra geeky or just purely asinine I get, "It's a good thing you're hot." If it is very scientific of me and just something WAY too well thought out and my inner scientist comes out I get, "God you're hot."

I wish I would actually blog the many not so asinine things I want to share. I wish I could keep up with the weekly picture posts I wanted to do starting at the beginning of the year. I wish I would get around to writing about the less chemically nail polish Rich got for me for Christmas. (That's one thing stopping me, the inability of my brain to find the right words sometimes, less chemically, really brain, I mean really. Can't you just find the proper word instead of making up or using stupid ones!) I wish I could get around to writing about the sewing things I have accomplished, including one a twitter friend specifically asked me to please blog about doing. (I'm going to get to it Allie I promise I will eventually.)

What is it that is stopping me, that good old thing called procrastination and also that pesky bad time planning that seems to always plague me and many other people. At least I know I'm not the only one that has this time issue.

I have cut out A LOT of time wasters recently but picked up a few more, mostly I waste my time reading twitter. I am SO addicted it's comical but I enjoy it and the friends and acquaintances I have made and the few friends I've had pre-twitter and now keep up with them via twitter are great and I wouldn't trade them and it for anything. It feeds my tennis addiction and allows me to "stalk" celebrities, have I mentioned I'm celeb obsessed, have been as far back as I can remember. I find the whole thing odd but it is what it is.

I have also almost doubled my hours at work recently. That leads to A LOT of time I don't have to do things at home. I'm still only working part time but it makes a big difference. The added hours have lead to me living in quite a sty because nothing gets cleaned anymore, not that it did all that frequently before. I have a cleaning schedule written on my calendar but that hasn't helped and I've been doing that for probably a good 9 months and things previously still didn't get cleaned all that often. My nickname isn't mudnessa just because it's cute, it's appropriate. Picture Pigpen from Peanuts, minus the actual appearance (usually) or smell. I try and not let myself get to smelly.....wait why am I writing this down and putting it out there for anyone to read. Oh because I really don't care, if that wasn't obvious.

Oh time I wish you went slower sometimes, faster others and just didn't exist at others. I wish I had a better handle on you, had you under control and didn't just let you slip away or dictate what I can and can't do because of you.

Hey would you look at that it's now after midnight. I should crawl into my bed right now since I have a lot to do to catch up on this weekend, sadly sleeping is not one of them but that doesn't mean I won't actually catch up on sleep and not on the other stuff. Especially if I don't make myself get into bed soon.

Basically I have time issues. I have priority issues. I have thinking issues, according to Rich. I have cleanliness issues. (Don't know how that got into this post.) These are all the more common and less bizarre issues I have, if only you knew the others. Maybe one day I'll get to feeling like sharing those but people I actual see have been known to read this and that could get awkward, not that they think I'm all normal like but they put up with me...well because they have to.

So here's to me trying to get more blogging in because I want to and I have to do things I really want to when I'm home, it can't all be about cleaning and things I must do, I would go more insane than I already am and that wouldn't be good for anyone.


  1. Deeze- I just figured you ran off with one of those hot shirtless tennis players from your photos- Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks too much!

  2. Yeah me too. I haven't done my tax from last year or been to the dentist and in fact even my ironing needs doing but I am up to date on Twitter!

  3. Divna- It's amazing how attached we get to twitter. I have laundry still on the drying rack from last weekend and piles of clean laundry from the weekend before.

    Rob- I did run off with a tennis my wildest dreams. I think not thinking is a big problem for a lot of people today. If they would just think some more I think things might go a bit more smoother.