Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Garden Update

Apparently Sundays are when I seem to tend to my garden and take pictures.

My strawberries are doing a bit better, got a single delicious berry this week. So sweet and melted in my mouth. Is there anything better than a home grown berry. YUM!

Tomatoes looking good. Can't wait for them to be ripe.

Rich's banana peppers are growing. Wish I could say can't wait to try this but I don't care for hot peppers, (even though these aren't that hot, still not a fan).

Basil still growing away.

Three new cucumbers forming. Hopefully I am doing a good job getting them pollinated seeing as there are rarely any pollinators (bees, etc.) around here since the complex has an exterminator do the rounds once a week.


  1. So, so pretty! I have serious basil envy.

  2. The darn chipmunks keep stealing all my strawberries! I got one though and it was delicious!