Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Saturday afternoon

I got to lie down, but the whole arm over my head wasn't so fun and my arm under my head fell asleep a few times too.

All done in about an hour and a half.
Nikkei Yonsei
Fourth generation Japanese American (technically a broad term for immigrants not specifically Americans)
Didn't hurt much, tattoos hurt, they do, anyone who says they don't must be immune to pain, they don't hurt that much, at least to me, I would suspect that everyone feels pain differently. I am a big whiny brat when it comes to pain. I say OW and whine about everything and anything but I don't find tattoos that bad or maybe I just know it's going to happen and it's totally worth it for me so my tolerance goes up.
This particular location wasn't bad at all. My leg was much much more uncomfortable for the record.

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  1. From my understanding the term Nikkei means from Japanese decent and is pretty broad but the Yonsei is pretty specific to Japanese Americans. Guess I should just read the link you provided. Haha.