Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby gifts

I made a few things for my friend and her new baby. It took me just under 5 months to mail them....have I ever said how bad I am at mailing things. I was actually just finishing up the blocks when she had the kid, literally I was finishing them while she was in labor. Better late than never right. Photos of what I made and the process, I can share now since I did finally mail them!

 Plush personalized baby blocks. I have made the blocks in the past for my cousins kids, this was my first time adding letters.

Cute little knot topped hats. Super simple, made from old t-shirts.
A few hot/cold eye pillow type things with lavender too. 

And finally some cat toys with cat nip of course. Sewing up the little bottom part after I had already put some catnip in the toys made the cats very interested in what I was doing. Of course they were just being impatient because I made some for them too and they did enjoy them very much.

I have 1 more thing but me and the sewing machine are on a break again. We go through spurts and it gets its feeling hurt that I use it so much so I stop and give it a break for a few months. It's been a while I will probably finish a few projects I have and then start some more as well.


  1. Love those blocks!!

    I have a pile of things to send my sister that has been on my closet floor for at least 3 months. I might bribe myself with a treat to get it out the door sometime in October :)

  2. The hats are great! My brother always makes his son wear a hat whenever we watch football and it makes him look cuter. Girls always want to have a picture with him. I'm kinda think if that idea would work for me. But err, I guess not.

  3. Such a nice gifts , i really love it.