Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of thankfulness and other things to do in November (aka rambling)

I love the idea of 30 days of thankfulness. I would love to do it BUT I know there is no way I would keep up with it. NO WAY. I also know I wouldn't be able to think of things I would feel like sharing. I would find most of the things I would come up with as lame and embarrassed isn't the right word but comfortable I guess. I might check in here, facebook, twitter, for random thing I am thankful for but I am not going to try and force myself to keep up with it.

That being said I do have things I want to accomplish in November. Save money. Eat better/get fit. First thing on both those lists is to break my Starbucks addiction. Caffeine is an issue with me. It really keeps me from sleeping well. I don't care to be completely caffeine free, I always start my morning with a green tea blend. Large amounts of caffeine do affect me in different ways, I can totally tell when I have been visiting Starbucks too much. It's not the coffee I am going to miss most, no it's the people. I like the people that work at the Starbucks down the street. They all know my name now, and get the soy out when they see me walk in. It's so nice. In the past I have switched from vanilla lattes to chai lattes. The caffeine is low enough to not bother my sleep patterns as much but they do nothing for my wallet. To help break the habit I am going to make a pumpkin spice syrup, Sara over at From Blah to Ta-Daa posted a recipe (click it) recently and I still have plenty of pumpkin puree left over from making other sweets and see if the syrup added to my hot chocolate mix is any good. I expect it to be delicious. Oh I don't think this is going to help me get fit....

So on that I really need to pull out those exercise dvd's I have and use them. I actually like them, all of them. I wish I could run/use a treadmill but I don't feel safe running alone and I can't afford a gym membership. Even if I could afford, or more like was willing to pay a gym membership it really would be a giant waste of money. I can't use a large quantity of the equipment because I am just too damn small and bruise way too easy. I use the equipment and end up with fully bruised thighs, arms, ass, back, you name it. Even working out at home I get bruises on my tailbone doing pilates/yoga type exercises. I bruise way too easy, WAY too easy.

What else for November, oh I need to research sewing machines. My husband wants to buy me a new one for Christmas. I don't actually own a sewing machine, I have my moms, the same one my mom used to make my Halloween costumes etc when I was a child. It works fine, it is great for most things I do, but I would really like to get one with a few more bells and whistles, perhaps expand what I do. Something new and fancy  is always fun to play with right.

We need new dishes and I found some pretty simple yet stylish ones at Crate &Barrel. We have a Crate and Barrel outlet a few miles away. The dishes we have now are hand me downs, the plates my parents got when they married in 1978, half which have broken and the rest have cracks in them. We also have a set we don't use anymore because I am totally unsure of their safety. They were given to us when we married but are cheap, which is fine, but they used to be purple and they are now pink. Where is all that color going, why does my food sometimes change color, that CAN'T be good right. We also have some great hand me down salad bowls from Rich's grandmother but we need soup bowls and plates. They have some square glass plates and bowls that I really like and they won't go and bleed their color on my food. Hopefully they are still available or I can find something simple but with a bit of an edge, I really liked the squareness, made them less plain.

One more thing I know I want to do in November, Christmas cards. I said I wasn't going to do Christmas cards, I did Halloween cards and sent them to a few people, I ran out of one of supplies and couldn't make as many as I wanted, sorry if you didn't get one, I wanted to send more. I had originally planned on not sending out Christmas cards, it's not really my holiday, Halloween is totally my holiday. But I had a BRILLIANT and totally Nessa idea for Christmas cards so I will be sending them out and I should have plenty of supplies for these so yay friends and family Christmas cards. Or Season Greetings to be pc I guess. I hate seasons greetings because I do not like this season so why would I be all yay cold and rainy and icky weather I don't care about.

One last thing. Don't forget to enter my pumpkin giveaway, pumpkins I made. Who doesn't want a cute little fabric pumpkin? It's my first giveaway by the way, don't you want to be the winner of my first giveaway. Should I say it again GIVEAWAY! (click it)

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