Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and a GIVEAWAY!!

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday, possibly day, or group of days since it's really more than just that one day. So here enjoy my Halloween with me and yes the title says giveaway, details at the end, don't be a dick and just hit end, take a look at everything. Hehe.

I'm a Peacock (you gotta let me fly) and The Beerded Knight, who has his own twitter by the way, click it!!

 At home on Halloween night waiting for kids to come trick or treating (we got none)

 Yeah Batman let himself go a bit, you should have seen his raggedy cape, dude not looking like his old self. 

 Everyone wants to be a peacock!


 I've heard smaller pumpkins have better flavor but I don't think it makes that much of a difference.
 Decapitate your pumpkins. 
 Cut in half and take the guts out. (SAVE THE SEEDS TO BE ROASTED. I haven't done that yet but they will be roasted)
 Quarter or whatever size you want your pumpkin and put on baking sheet(s) and bake until fork tender. I had them in at 350F for a bit over an hour but my temp is off and I forgot so it was actually less than 350F.
 Bake until fork tender and starts to turn golden. Let cool, peel, the peel comes off REALLY easily after baking. Then throw in a food processor and process to make a puree. I didn't add any liquid but can add some if you want a more watery puree. 
Then use your fresh pumpkin puree in your favorite pumpkin recipes. 
The biggest hit was the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
On todays to do list is make a few more loafs of this. YUM! 
(The crazy Beered Knight wants some with out chocolate chips!!)

More pumpkin fun (and the giveaway part)

 Fabric pumpkins!!! How cool are they! I love them!
 My favorite patterned one.
 Oh but you have no idea what their size is. Here for size comparison, on my hand.
 Psh! That doesn't help, how lame is that. 
Oh wait I know the perfect place to put it. 
 I made mini-pumpkins too. Haven't finished all the mini ones yet, ran out of stuffing.

So this GIVEAWAY business. I am giving away a pumpkin. One of the three below, sorry not the more patterned ones.

To enter just leave a comment. Just say hi, or whatever you want. (Comment here, on the blog, not twitter/facebook/tumblr/wherever else you may see this post linked to.) Make sure you leave your email address in the comment form (I think it works that way, has a place to enter an address, hopefully).  I will also post a follow up notifying the winner on my blog so if you don't put your address for whatever reason make sure you check back to see if you won. I will pick a winner using a random number generator on November 8th. That's one week. Good luck my pretties. (Said creepy like evil witches do. It's just the mood I am in. Oh and I have 2 cats so if you are allergic to cats know that. The pumpkins aren't covered in fur or anything but I wouldn't want them to make someone all itchy and sneezy by chance.)


  1. A blue pumpkin would look good in my subierex, but that reddish one is really nice too. MEESH WILL WIN!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... I hope.

    email address: social_sochelle@yahoo.com

  2. Your costume is amazeballs! You're really making me reconsider the standoff my sewing machine and I are involved in. Hmmm.. Maybe if you pick me, my sewing machine will have a change of heart and start playing nice? :)

    skeddy @ gmail

  3. Take 2 of writing this comment since of course I'd love one of your beautiful pumpkins :) :)

    Again, your costume is so cute! "Yeah Batman let himself go a bit" Hahaha! Rich is such a BAMF!

    That pumpkin bread looks really tasty! Nom nom nom!