Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GoT talk with my brother

We added Starz to our cable in January so we could watch their pirate show Black Sails, I also used it to watch The White Queen on demand. After Black Sails was over we decided we would get rid of Starz and pick up HBO for their new show Silicon Valley, which has a few of our favorite funny people in it (Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, T.J. Miller, and Zach Woods) AND is created by Mike Judge.

Late Friday early Saturday morning I was looking for something to watch and was checking out what was available on HBO on demand and what did I see, Game of Thrones. Did I want to jump into this now? Not particularly but all of it was available on demand so.....why not?! Everyone tells me there are plenty of reasons for not doing it, and they are the same for doing it. That night I watched four episodes. On Sunday I watched the rest of season one. While I was watching the second half of the season I texted with my brother about GoT, I choose my brother because we have similar levels of nerdiness and he is used to my ridiculous questions and way of thinking and he HATES spoilers so I know he wouldn't spoil anything, something I do not trust some of my friends with. Also as you will see he has the best responses to my ridiculous questions and has a few of his own. So here are my thoughts on GoT so far and my conversations with my brother about it.

There will be spoilers so DO NOT READ if you don't want SPOILERS.

Speaking of spoilers, I don't know the fate of many characters, been pretty spoiler free but of course I knew the king wasn't going to be around beyond this season and the fate that awaited Ned Stark. I also know Robb Stark dies at some point, season 3 I think, because I listened to Richard Madden on the Nerdist podcast and they mentioned Robb being dead, no specific spoilers with that death. And I knew Drogo died, or something happened because Momoa was no longer on the show, which honestly was one reason I didn't pick up watching after the first season because I like Jason Momoa and why would I watch a show he was no longer part of?! These are the important reasons to decide on watching something. I also already knew about the Lannister twins and Catelyn's sister and her son so I didn't have a reaction to that previous known information.

A few thoughts on the first episode: Pressing play and seeing it start with the creepy white walkers would have been nice to know, I probably wouldn't have started watching at midnight by myself in the dark. I don't like scary movies, I am not too affected by them now but as a kid it was pretty bad. That being said I do still have a problem with dark creepy things in a creepy dark forest, don't know why but I always have, I am afraid of the dark and dark evil things in the dark scares me still to this day. Luckily that scene wasn't too elaborate or long. Keep away the dark creepy evil forest when I'm watching late at night.

Since I stayed up until 4 am watching the first four episodes I was not texting with my brother about those episodes as specifically as I did the later six but we did cover some of that stuff in my texts. My text are in blue with the speech bubble coming from the right side and his are pink with the speech bubble coming from the left side.

Seriously, if during season one someone would have told me Mark Addy was the king I would have given a lot more thought to watching it. As I've heard recently GoT didn't really take off to where it is today until late in the second early in the third season so I guess that's why no one told me about him. If you are a fan of Mark Addy like I am and like fantasy watch the BBC's current show, Atlantis, he plays Hercules, yes THAT Hercules, no he did not lose a lot of weight for the role.

I have never seen anything Terminator related, I do know Sarah Connor is a characters name in that 'verse but I didn't know what connection there was to the GoT 'verse or if he meant the actor to another actor IRL, psh who talks about real life people.

Getting the Chunk reference is one of the reasons I like talking about stuff like this with my brother. 

Yes, yes we did go from Goonies to how a molten gold death would not be bloody to Doctor Who characters. This is EXACTLY why I choose to talk about this with my brother. 

Please excuse the nerding out about Emma Frost writing The White Queen, it's fucking ridiculous! RIDICULOUS!! 
Oh also, The White Queen isn't about Elizabeth 1 it's about Elizabeth Woodville, so many Elizabeths so little remembering of who is who.

More nerdiness, The Tick reference and WoW playing.

Prepared because of Whedon and Moffat and most importantly, 
So those are pretty much my thoughts on GoT. I clearly think about the important things. 

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