Monday, May 25, 2009

More Plastic

I didn't track my actual trash this week. I did keep track of my plastic. I think this may become an obsession, and it's not a bad one, but I think my husband might get fed up of the pile of plastic that grows on the counter. It isn't that much though so it shouldn't be too bad. This week was a more eat at home week so there is a lot less convenience food trash. This is the whole households plastic trash not just mine, but it is just me and my hubby and a bunch of animals. It doesn't include any of the plastic he may use at work for personal consumption, i.e. plastic bottle of soda or something from the vending machine. It is literally all the plastic I use for myself. I did track how much plastic I use at work, for work purposes, in a day but I have not decided if I want to go there or not since there isn't a way to cut back or change what we use, it wouldn't be enlightening or anything. It would be more of a look at all this and I would start to feel real guilty and that's not the point.

Here is the list from Monday to Sunday, 18th to 24th:

-2 styrofoam meat trays with plastic film (only one is in the picture because it was thrown out at the beginning of the week)
-sugar bag (I could buy my sugar in bulk but I much prefer the organic and fair trade I can get although it's in a bag, I probably go through one bag a month if that)
-herb box (I bought a living mint plant from the grocery store, I did re-plant it but it's not looking so good)
-styrofoam box from leftovers
-tofu container (#2 plastic that is being recycled)
-2 lids and 2 straws from fast food cups
-cheese wrapper
-1 envelope with a plastic window
-plastic cover from set of hooks
-fig bar tray and wrapper (those things are so addicting)
-cap from box of chicken broth
-package for shoe insoles (been getting really sore feet from working on them all day)
-bubble wrap lined mailer
-safety seal wrap from a bottle top
-1 plastic grocery bag from buying insoles (not in picture but I did put the meat tray in a plastic bag left over from some previous shopping trip so let's pretend it's that bag)
-plastic foam padding from mailing (not pictured, forgot to add it to the pile)

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