Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 3 of plastic tally

Week 3 Plastic
May 25th to 31st
-solo cup that I had been using to hold some all purpose ecover cleanser
-little plastic bag from a cleaning pad, don't plan on buying these ever again, they are pretty useless
-plastic container from new toothbrush, my husbands and a toothbrush he got from the dentist
-six pack ring, hubby brought 3 cans home from work, he worked late and the got dinner for him, he brought me some pizza and sodas
-ziploc bag from something finished in the cupboards
-2 grocery bags from takeout
-2 produce bags from using things bought at store, will be reused for kitty litter
-2 ice cream plastic seals, mmmmmm haagen daz and probably another one by the end of the night, have some dark chocolate waiting in the freezer for me
-plastic tape from sweet potato
-2 meat packages
-bag from rolls, will be reused for kitty litter
-2 styrofoam cups with 2 lids and 2 straws from take out
-pasta package, I wish the store I shopped at had bulk pastas, but I use plastic bags for bulk items still so it would only slightly lower the amount of plastic bags
-honey bottle, bottle recyclable lid is not
-bag of sugar, didn't use it up but put it into a glass jar to keep on my counter
-big bag of kitty litter, not pictured because it was used to clean the boxes and promptly taken out
-shoyu (soy sauce) bottle, it is #7 plastic, from now on we will be buying the smaller bottle that is glass so we can reuse it or recycle it
-trash bag from kitchen garbage can, usually only take trash out once every two weeks because our trash can is too big for our current trash making and it started smelling very badly this week
-styrofoam box from take out, place uses plastic whether you eat in or out more if you eat in actually because they serve their burritos on styrofoam trays if you eat there and wrap it in paper if you get it to go and serve everything in the same containter for take out or to go for the most part

I have 3 pictures:
First is one of the meat packages that I used at the beginning of the week and wasn't going to keep around and stinking to get a pic of it with everything else.
Then there is the bulk of the plastic that I arranged and took while dinner was cooking.
I thought I had gotten everything then I realized the leftovers were still in the fridge and I wasn't going to finish them and then I needed shoyu for dinner and I had not refilled our table bottle since using it up the other night and refilling that emptied the big bottle.

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