Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cooking with Chopsticks

My preferred cooking utensil is a pair of chopsticks. In recent years I have started using a silicone spatula more than chopsticks because I have been making more one pot meals and the spatula is better at getting things moving around. I have found another use for my chopsticks while cooking, to keep the lid off the pot so it doesn't boil over as easily but still holds a lot of the heat in. When I cook I like to keep the lid on as much as I can to conserve all the heat I can but I quickly learned somethings just can't be cooked covered because they will boil over too easily. Pasta, quinoa, couscous, those types of things. I can't tell you how many messes I made before I gave up and just cooked those things uncovered, as you are instructed to, gee I guess I should listen to what "real" cooks have to say. With some other things I want to half cover the pot or leave it just a bit off so heat and steam can escape but also hold in a bit of the heat still. This is where the chopsticks come in, I lay them across the pot and the edges and then put the lid on top of them, it works great. Here are some pictures of this at work.


  1. That is bloody brilliant! Chopsticks are my favorite cooking tool too. My husband and I eat a lot of Asian style food. We can go a week or more without using "forku" during dinners. PS: We aren't Asian.

  2. Good to know non asians use chopsticks too. I'm a 1/4 japanese so I picked the habit up from my family. My husband loves cooking with them too but we don't eat with them that often because he doesn't know how and honestly I hate eating rice with chopsticks, we do eat rice at nearly every meal.