Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cleaning stainless steel coffee mug

Dirty coffee stained stainless steel mug

Add a bit of automatic dishwasher powder detergent (I currently have Planet brand so even your green detergents should work) and fill, all the way to the top, with hot water, water straight from the tap will work too but it may need to sit a little longer.

Let sit overnight or for a few hours depending on severity of stains, covered might help a bit too. A little light scrubbing, sometimes just a bit of swishing of water gets it all off, and you have a bright and shiny coffee mug again.

I've also had success cleaning ceramics mugs this way but can't find any other way to easily clean my stainless steel mug.


  1. Have you been looking at my Muggsly lately or what? Great tip! I am gonna try it tonight!

  2. Works great on stainless steel anything of course. I use it to get my pots and pans bright and shiny again, especially my skillet after making pancakes. I have also heard that if your stainless steel is just dingy (all I can think of when I use the word dingy is that Cheer bright and something commercial with the British lady asking how many washes it takes to go from dingy to bright) you can boil up some rubarb I believe and that will brighten it up. I don't think that takes stains like in a coffee mug out but just old well used dingy pots and pans.

  3. Stainless steel mugs are great because they generally keep drinks at the desired temperature for much longer than other standard mugs.