Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am posting this so I will feel more need to actually do it than just think about it.
I want to post more and perhaps take a bit of a different direction with some of the posts.

First I have a bunch of reuse projects I have done that I want to post about. I never realized how much I actually did until I was cleaning up my "animal room" the other day and I kept coming across different things I have done and seeing them again made me think, "Hey those things are pretty cool I should share them with more than just my animals." Who in reality probably can't even see across the room clear enough to really see them.

That thought right there brings me to the other direction I will go with some posts. Basically it will be me blabbing away, and possibly quite often not making sense, about the odd things I contemplate. I often have these thoughts over dinner, apparently the only time my mind lets go of everything else and I think about the most random things. Well then and sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep. When they happen while I'm in bed I don't say them out loud so my mind tends to let go of them, eventually, and I don't remember them as clearly . When I do think of them at dinner, I share these odd thoughts, realizations, and/or questions that are often quite scientific with my husband and when I finally finish my rambling my food is cold and he shakes his head at me and usually says one of these things, "You are such a nerd", or "You think too much", and sometimes when they make absolutely no sense and just turn into complete gibberish as I try and put my thoughts into actual words other people can understand he says "It's a good think you are hot!"

So if you read a post that is crazy ramblings, kinda like the paragraph above, and you are totally confused, feel free to not read it or you may hurt your brain trying to understand how my mind works. I get told quite often by friends that I make no sense and usually my family can understand my ramblings, because they HAD to learn to be able to communicate with me, even they sometimes are lost, confused, and pained trying to understand me. I don't quite know what it is that I do that confuses people so much but it is part of me and instead of trying to fix it I just let it be and friends and family just live with it as well.

Ha that makes me sound like such a freak, but alas I am so I am just trying to warn anyone who does read any future postings. You have been warned! Read at your own risk!

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