Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up...

Been busy and dealing with everyday things and some not so everyday things.....lot's done and lot's had to be done.

-My computer crashed while trying to install a game and was revived by the guys at Rich's friend who works in the I.T. department at his work. Luckily I had transfered all my pictures and the few docs I had the day before it crashed. I did lose some bookmarks but mostly just random things I never got around to looking at. I use google bookmarks for the most part since I was having a monster number of crashed due to crappy Vista.

-Computer was taken back so they could help install game properly and in doing so found that my hard drive was just about to die and that was the stem of the issues I'd been having. Got new hard drive and the game installed.

-Tried to play game with a ten day trial but apparently it doesn't work anymore with the version of the game I have, it only works for the OLD version. Makes no sense.

-Took a pet sitting job that was 25 miles away. I did pet sitting for a while a few years back, it was a stressful time I had 4 jobs back then. Talk about working yourself to the bone. I haven't done much since then but do miss it.

-On the last day of pet sitting the blind dog finally warmed up to me and didn't bark at me on and off the whole time I was there. After the first day he would let me pet him but then remember he doesn't know what's going on and who I am and would bark at me again. ;) We became good friends on the last day though.

-Other dog caught a young squirrel for me. That was gross, it was still moving and then she brought it over to me and I told her to go take it somewhere else and she thought I said leave it alone so she dropped it next to me and then went and looked guilty on the other side of me. Eventually she went back to it and gingerly picked it up and went and buried it.

-Rich's computer also crashed and we had to buy a new motherboard. Then ram wouldn't work and now having issues getting it to update to 7. Technology seems to be more trouble than it's worth sometimes.

-Need to learn to eat dinner before 8 pm. Dinner not ready until 9 tonight and then I was no longer hungry.

-Did some laundry and had the extra pleasure of the cat using the litter box that is in the same room, and we aren't talking about pee here.

-Sewed some more book covers. Having issues making them so they actually fit. Luckily all my small paperback covers fit but my large hardcovers keep coming out too small. I just use them for larger paperback books. Lesson: I really need to get a proper ruler, all I have is one that I had from grade school, really not good for marking and measuring for sewing purposes.

-Finally got around to buying my cat's a new scratching post. Got them a cool little post that has a spinning top too. Their old ones were actually scratching boards, they had two that were wrapped in sisal rope and one was crap, made of rope wrapped around two pieces of cardboard, it fell apart and the other was falling apart because it was very old. The cats couldn't really scratch on them anymore and the fatty took to eating the frayed rope. Now I just have to get some sisal rope and cover the posts of the carpet cat tree we have so the fatty stops eating that.

-Rich finally got the raise he deserves and has been due for years. They did an official wage study on his position and a raise of almost 20% was approved. While we are beyond happy it really drives home how over due this raise is. 20% raise is ridiculous!

-Been having constant battles about what needs to get done on a daily basis yet doesn't get done and still doesn't after battles are brought to a conclusion. It's beyond tiring.

-Just finished eating 4 avocados I bought and then my mom brings me 5 more ripe and ready to eat NOW avos. I love being in an area where avos are so readily available and delicious but don't want to eat them everyday for weeks on end. Not sure what I am going to do with these. I guess I could make and freeze some guacamole.

-Wild fire season has apparently started once again and started with a wild fire in the county no less. I believe there was still a hire fire danger heading into December last year. That's just too long for me, it really makes me think about moving out of the area. I hate fire season and have a panic inducing fear of my home and all my animals being destroyed by a fire, especially when I am gone.

-I am being more of a klutz lately than usual, not that I notice doing most of this stuff but the ridiculous amount of bruising on my legs lets me know I need to learn to avoid something, not sure what exactly, ha. I have always bruised very easily and the bruises go through such a gross progression of color and last for ages.

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