Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where it all went awry

I'm not what society calls "normal", I don't even know what that means or why one would want to be "normal". While at work the other day my mind started to wander as I got to the "routine" part of my day. I thought, "I think I know when things went awry."

I believe it could have been my childhood over identification with Pippi Longstocking. It must have been my 11th birthday if I am doing my math correctly, which I am probably not because me and math are like oil and water. That summer The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking came out and for my birthday I went to the movies with friends and then had a party.

I share her love of animals and like her I don't necessarily conform to preconceived notions. I don't have super strength like of course but also like her I would not, and still do not, hesitate to jump into a body of water fully clothed even in my best clothes, although now I wouldn't jump in with any of my fave shoes on, you don't mess with a girl and her shoes. ;)

As I've gone into here before I am not obsessed with cleanliness and I always thought of Pippi being the same way, we aren't walking around looking like Pigpen from Peanuts but that's because we're girls and it's cute when girls have a bit of mud smeared on their clothes and/or face. I would have given anything to live in a house with a monkey and a horse. Being older and having actually worked with a few different monkeys I've changed my mind on that one, they are just too damn smart and test you, although I do know a monkey (Gepetto) that loves his human mommy (Jess) and would love to have a relationship like that with one.

To this day I still love horses though. My uncle had a horse that wasn't ridden very often but I didn't hesitate to get on it bareback even on a few occasions. On a family trip to Yosemite me and my dad went on a horse back tour. When we got within sight of the stables my horse took off and I just went for a long bumpy ride all the way back to the stables. A guide was quick to follow me to try and get the horse to stop and make sure I didn't panic, I did quite the opposite. He apologized to my dad for the incident and was amazed I took it so well, I didn't just take it well I quite enjoyed it. It was the highlight of the tour for me, only thing I remember about it actually.

After contemplating all this I texted my mom and said I know where you went wrong (poor choice of words) and told her it was because of her allowing me (again poor choice of words) to over identify with Pippi Longstocking. She got back to me and said, "oh nice blame it on me." I really should have worded my text better. I got back to her and said well I guess I could have identified with Stawberry Shortcake, gotten obese and had friends all named after desserts. We had a laugh.

What other characters was a little red headed girl suppose to identify with? I never liked Annie much , think it was the way she was treated and while the story had a happy ending I didn't identify with her at all. I'm glad I chose Pippi. Even to this day I wouldn't mind being Pippi.


  1. I totally remember seeing that movie for your birthday! It is funny but you are the one I always remember being sensitive as a toddler(I think the book was the Little Engine that Could that always made you sad), the first to laugh at yourself (remember you hanging onto the emergency release on the garage door and it broke? You ended up on the garage floor laughing and crying at the same time!)but you were always funny. Way too many funny memories to start with here!...By the way, you are getting a toy box for your birthday. Hope I didn't ruin the surprise!:D

  2. I can't stand Annie.
    I totally ♥ Pippi!

  3. OMG the garage door thing is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever done. The biggest regret in my life is not having that on tape because it would have won a million and one dollars on Americas Funniest Videos. I absolutely love laughing at myself probably because I learned early on that if I didn't my life would be miserable since I do so many things that are hilariously stupid, in a good way.

    The sensitivity thing kinda hits on another blog topic I was going to write. How I use to handle injuries and never whined and how I am the complete opposite now. I don't know when my pain sensitivity changed. I'd guess when a certain cousin pinched me on the face, geez it wasn't like I was the one who ruined your toy box as a birthday gift surprise. Haha.

  4. Weird how things happen with pain like that. I think I scarred you for life with that pinch! Oh well, I am your cousin so you can't get rid of m.;D

  5. OMG! The Little Engine That Could... You cried and cried as me and Val tried to convince you to just let me finish reading the book as everything would be ok! You were SO UPSET that the Little Engine couldn't get there...
    Hey Michelle. Do you realize that the scar from that pinch FINALLY just about totally faded within the last couple of years!!!

  6. I have no actual memory of The Little Engine That Could "incident" but have been told about it a millions times. I'm such a little fragile being.

    Key words about the scar from the pinch are "just about" I can find it if I really look for it. ;)

  7. I can't believe how long that scar lasted!! And it is still there? Wow! I must have had some long fingernails or something.;D
    You could write a blog just on these stories alone!