Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't waste your lotion.

No one likes knowingly waste things but what are you unknowingly wasting or even knowingly wasting? You've heard it before, there is still lotion left in the container when you have squeezed/pumped all you can out. Do you cut open your containers to get that last little bit out? Most likely no, even though you've probably know there is more in there. Just how much is left in there? Is it really worth the trouble? There is probably more than you think in there and depending on the kind of container your lotion (or whatever really) is in it's pretty easy. Yes you can't just squeeze the tube or push the pump but are you always so busy and need this stuff instantly that you can't grab a pair of scissors or blade of some sort and do a little cutting and scooping? If you run out of your lotion during the week or a time when you are busy like needing to use it right after your morning shower quickly before work (I'm told this showering thing is daily and a morning routine even for some, I have no experience with this though) then just set it aside and grab a new one. When you have time cut into your old one and use it or if you don't have a need for it when you have the time put it into a large mouth container for later use. Here are some visuals from my latest lotion tube opening. I was quite shocked at how much was left in, enough for my whole body minus my back.

I probably could have squeezed out a tad bit more but then it would get all crumpled and since this is a metal tube the crevices are harder to get the lotion out of so I cut into it at this point.

I unfolded the empty part and used a pair of scissors to cut all the way across. Opened up the bottom part that would have lotion left in it and carefully reached in and took lotion out with a finger and put it on my leg for later use (so I could take a photo and show you how much I got out).

At this point I got a q-tip and used it to get the smaller quantities in all the nook and crannies. 

I even opened up top portion and found enough in there to use on one arm.

So how much does this actually get you? As I said above, enough for my whole body minus my back and I was suffering from quite dry skin this day and this is a thick and very rich moisturizer that doesn't go a long way like a thinner one might. 
This is what I got out. (please ignore my insanely pale leg).

So quit being lazy and open up those empties and really get your moneys worth. I have heard people say that companies know consumers can't get every last drop out so you aren't actually wasting money. 1 I do not believe that and will not even if I hear it from the CEO, it's is always about the money. 2 If that is true guess what FREE LOTION!!! 3 Again even if that is true why toss out perfectly good product? Really why? What good reason could there be for tossing it out?


  1. I usually take off the top and turn upside down and let drain into something else. I usually get several days worth of uses out of mine once the pump no longer pumps it. Hate wasting it.

  2. That is brilliant! Also, Skin Food rocks!

  3. Skin Food is so amazing. It is on the list of things I couldn't live without. I am so happy Target carries Weleda, although they seem to have stopped carrying the Wild Rose face lotion I also love.