Friday, September 21, 2012


Saw this post Workplace Image Standards about should men be held to the same image standards as women?

I don't work in a standard industry, I work by myself, I control pretty much everything with my work. So are you telling me men are not held to the same standards? The posts slant is on getting a job and on makeup making you look your best, personally I do not see makeup as a necessity in that, for men or women. Do places, conventional non model type jobs, actually require women to wear makeup? That is what I am reading into this post because I have no idea how those jobs work. If I had one of these jobs I would assume I would have to dress appropriately and that would be laid out for me. Would I be required to wear makeup? I don't have one of these types of jobs for very very many reasons and I am wondering if I have one more reason to never look into one.

I just don't know how things like this, if true, are the norm. It just seems so wrong to me. Why do people go along with these things? Yes I get that they need the job, money, etc etc but people stop caving! Stand up for yourself! I'm not saying do anything dramatic but if everyone keeps going along with every little thing we'll become nothing more than drones doing what we are told. Yes I am being dramatic and WAY over doing it but this is how I feel. I've always been like this but recently things have really really really been bothering me. I cannot wrap my head around it all.

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  1. I have been out of the general workforce for a while, but watching women in my husband's place of work I would say that it is expected that women look pulled together. Does that mean makeup? Not necessarily, but it's pretty common. Is it fair? Probably no more unfair than expecting the men shave their faces.