Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green your ways

Top 10 easiest ideas to green your office. Check out Ideal Bite for all sorts of archives on ways to green EVERYTHING in your life, love this one Organic water?

Green tips from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Healthy & Green Living from Care2 has everything you could want. I especially love Green Girl and their archives, they are huge. I use it to find out EVERYTHING. Just use the search and you can find anything and everything green under the sun.

Mr Green Checklist a checklist to green your home room by room

Some other great sites:
Low Impact Living
Green living tips
Co-op America
Greenfeet.com The planet's homestore
Dogwood Alliance
Shopper's Guide
Carbon Conscious Consumer
Seafood Selector from Environmental Defense Fund
Green is Sexy
Earth 911 recycling info for practically everything you own
Gaiam Green Living, Yoga, Fitness, and Organic Products
Organic Milk score card
Big Green Purse
Lets Go Green

Hate junk mail, try these resources:
DMA Choice I used this and it has made an enormous difference.
Stop the Junk Mail Monster

Buy yourself some reusable tote bags instead of using plastic grocery bags, I use and LOVE my Whole Food bags, sturdy and HUGE. If you are handy maybe you should try and make your own out of old T-Shirts. T-Shirt tote bags. But if you do use plastic bags recycle them, although a lot of places just "pretend" to recycle them and if you don't recycle them try this:
Fusing Plastic Bags
Sewable Fabric from Plastic Bags

Don't to forget to sign up for the newsletters/tips that some of the sites offer.

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