Monday, August 25, 2008

Menstruating Women, especially the green minded.

If you are a guy you probably don't wanna read this, believe me and if you do read on you have been warned, don't say I didn't warn you.

This is seriously the best thing to ever happen to me. We hate our monthly cycle don't we, although it serves a great purpose if you plan on reproducing. It is still no fun, no fun at all. Ok I didn't want to just jump right in and scare some people because I know it will but I am not that good with words so . . .

I suggest you research and ultimaltey try a Menstrual Cup. I did and I LOVE it. I also realize it is not for everyone and that even if it is something you would like to use it just may not work for you.

So here is how I got started, I noticed the mention of it on a blog I visit, Crunchy Chicken. Great blog, but she held a DivaCup Challenge. That's how it all started for me.

It did take me about 3 months of casual on and off research to decide to actually purchase and try a cup. The best resource I found is a LiveJournal community. Menstrual Cups. It has a wealth of information and the people are very helpful and VERY VERY VERY nice. If you check out their Community Info page and scroll down they have a picture of all the available cups and their sizes and things. Very helpful for deciding which to buy. I went with the DivaCup mostly because it was easily available to me, I got mine from

Why are so many women willing to shove bleached to hell, proccessed to the ends of the earth little pieces of cotton up their hooha!! I swear a man must have decided that would be the best way so it would all be out of sight out of mind. HORRIBLE that that is the most accepted way of dealing. Not only is it putting chemicals and things in your hooha it is using up many resources not to mention money. Seriously how much money do we spend over our lifetimes on tampons and/or pads, things we despise. Tampons also soak up EVERYTHING in there. It is not suppose to be dry it's just not.

Possibly TMI but the whole subject is TMI for some . . . since using the DivaCup I have had shorter periods and no more end of cycle spotting and even if I did it wouldn't be an issue because the cup is not like a tampon, it doesn't need to be "full" to come out easily. BEST PART, reduction in cramp severity!!! Seriously. I believe that has something to do with having a happy hooha. Before it was screaming at me and rightfully so I must say. One more added benefit is you really get to know your parts and as odd as it seems it really makes you feel like you know yourself and understand being a woman a bit more. It is also kinda interesting seeing how flow changes over the cycle, from a scientific point of view, which is how my brain functions and well I am interested in all sorts of odd things. Anyways I could go on and on.

Please look at the sites and info on them and make the decision for yourself, but I highly highly highly recommend it. I no longer dread my monthly visit, I honestly kinda look forward to it now. Also please feel free to ask me personally about anything, I am not squeamish and I would love to help you make the decision and put you at ease about the whole idea.

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