Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I'm so tired and see no end in sight
2. I love professional tennis
3. The Spanish men in tennis are probably the hottest group out there
4. I'm tired because the Australian Open is going on now
5. The time difference for above event makes me stay up to wee hours to watch live tennis
6. Apparently I'm going extinct because I'm a red head
7. Makes me feel bad for not breeding
8. OK not really but I'd hate for there to be no more red heads
9. I only shower twice a week usually
10. The majority of my week was pre-occupied with waiting and hoping for my cat to poop
11. I'm afraid of what might lurk in the dark, Vashta Nerada
12. The above is a Doctor Who reference, but still true, it just has a name now
13. The smell of bananas makes me gag
14. I collect my cats dropped whiskers
15. I make my own hair wash, no nasty chemical shampoo and conditioner for me
16. I almost exclusively use white vinegar for household cleaning
17. I live in organized chaos because I'm very organized but also very messy
18. I pick up animal poo with my bare hands almost everyday
19. I'm afraid of rodents, their teeth scare me
20. I once ran up a wall away from a groundhog, Liz saved me by picking him up
21. If I had more money I would be covered in tattoos
22. I worked with an Owl Monkey that looked at my eyeballs like he wanted to pop them out and eat them
23. I may be skinny but I am definitely not fit
24. My hair is almost below my ass
25. I have a 22 pound cat this is very picky about her food

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