Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ipod cleaning

I wash and dried my Ipod the last time I did laundry, last weekend.  Did not realize until I was folding my laundry.  I felt a small hard rectangular object in a pocket in a pair of pants and I thought to myself, Oh crap I washed the remote to the Ipod dock, I took it out and realized no it's the actual Ipod.  I got really bummed and even more so when pressing the buttons did nothing.  I called my husband because a text just was not going to cut it for this.  This is a conversation that has to be done with actual voice so he can hear the sadness in me and I can hear the dis-belief that I actually did this in his, hehe.  

I call and tell him and we both kinda laugh but we also realize that I no longer have an Ipod and I use one a lot and so we are either going to have to buy a new one or he will give me his.  During the conversation I take out the cord for it and hook it up to my computer, OMG it comes on.  It still has all my songs on it, it still has total display function.  Now I have to test if it actually puts sound out, so onto the dock it goes, OMG it works, LISTEN LISTEN its Lynyrd Skynyrd!!! CAN YOU HEAR IT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!  

So yeah it works but only when plugged into an energy source, so no using it with head phones or in the car anymore but I can't remember the last time I used earphones and it takes me 5 minutes to get to work and I do have a CD player and even a cassette player in my car.  At home I have docks for my Ipod at work I use my little dock that can be run by batteries or by AC so just no more battery for me, I have to plug it in, which is what I usually do anyways.  

I don't know why there is not any water damage, perhaps because I do large cold water loads in a front load washer or perhaps the washers don't actually work all that well, we have a laundry room at our complex so you never know.  I'm guesssing the power issues is from the dryer, the heat drained the battery.  I guess I'm lucky I use the medium setting on the dryer because the high setting probably would have totally killed the Ipod.  It is just too bad that Ipods have internal batteries that aren't worth changing like a cell phone.  

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