Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My favorite tattoo

People ask me what my favorite tattoo is. I can't pick one, they are all special to me, that's why I got them. The eye of horus on my ankle is special because it was my first (besides the obvious meaning of the symbol itself), the ankh on my left wrist is also special because it was my second and reflamed my addiction (also besides the obvious meaning of the symbol). The scales, as in reptile, on my right leg are just pure awesome and they hurt like hell and my work life is all about reptiles right now. The mermaid on my left upper arm is downright beautiful, it is adapted from a piece by the artist Erte, Bettie Page on my right upper arm is Bettie Page nothing more needs to be said, I love that woman. Finally the black and grey flames on my lower right arm are just awesome, they are flames and I am very fond of flames!

I can't even pick a favorite of my husbands, but I can narrow it down to two. First goes to the interpretation of the cover of the band Unmerciful's Unmercifully Beaten Album, choosen by yours truly. Saw them in concert and love the cover art, fits perfectly on the back of Rich's right arm.

The second is this evil devil thing ripping it's face open, he found the original art on the internet, not sure of its origin.

I like all his tattoos, although sometimes waking up in the morning and seeing one of the above or the viking skeleton warrior that is between these two staring at me is kinda freaky. I know they are kinda dark and evil and probably not for everyone, or most but I love them and perhaps one day I will have something dark and evil on me. That's just the kinda girl I am, I guess.

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