Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old pants to cat bed

I have quite a few old pair of pants that I will NEVER fit into again or are ripped and not worth repairing. I had some of them folded on a chest in the bedroom and Harley Quinn loved sleeping there. So to make it look better I decided to sew an actual bed from two pairs of corduroy pants I had. I was inspired by Pants Pillow on The Greenist, there was also a post about Make Your Own Dog Bed, I kinda put the two ideas together. My sewing skills are very very minimal, I have my moms machine and I am teaching myself, there are a few basic things I can't figure out but I do it my own way. The bed looks pretty good but it no where near square but it's a cat bed so they don't care. I made the bed two months ago and Harley is no longer sleeping on that chest, I moved the bed the other morning to in front of the glass door and she is using it now, so is Otsego. Success! I am so excited they are using it. I made it a bit more soft and fluffy feeling by putting two old sheets in it, they were both fitted sheets that had ripped.

Here is Harley Quinn on it

And here it is with them both ignoring it.

I have a lot more pairs of pants that I don't/can't wear any more, mostly jeans and some other nice cotton blends, I also have a lot of other clothes I am no longer able to wear and hope to find something to do with them. (I am reusing a pair of jeans for Christmas presents but I don't wanna give away what people are getting so I can't discuss it.)

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