Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pretty boxes

I re-arranged the furniture in the apartment a few weeks ago, I ended up putting my desk in our extra room along with a lot of other stuff, with the idea to make a sort of craft area for me, since I would like to start sewing. I've made a cat bed that my cats apparently don't like but that's the way it goes with things you make specifically for cats.

I finally got around to arranging and cleaning that room today and I started making a bunch of piles or random things I don't use very often, if ever, but didn't want to get rid of. One pile had things like a pencil sharpener, an OLD pretty little stapler with lady bugs on it, a single hole puncher that punches in the shape of a bunny, some 2 inch colored pencils that use to be full size.

Earlier in the day I emptied another box of tea, I drink A LOT of tea, and put it up on one of the top cabinets in the kitchen. I keep the boxes because the insides are really pretty and I knew I could do something with them. I had often thought of turning them inside out and re-using them as gift boxes or something. Today I finally got to it and instead used them as boxes for storing not often used desk items.

I started with three boxes of Yogi Tea, I have many more in the cabinet.

Aren't the insides pretty, how could I throw these away, well recycle them technically.

I carefully opened up the box, it was only held together at the flap openings on the top and bottom and a tab on the side.

Once opened I made sure to bend the creases in the opposite direction they were in so the box folds together and lays more square when re-folded. I then re-folded the center pieces in opposite direction and secured the one side tab with tape, the only thing I had on hand, will probably need to go back and use some glue too at some point.

REMINDER *Need to remember to pick up some glue.*

Pretty box all put together.

There are little obvious glue tabs left but they can be covered with a ribbon or gift tag if using as a gift box, I just oriented the box so that side is not in view.


  1. What a cool re-use Idea! Now you have cool gift boxes to give presents in!

  2. I, Rob, benevelent dictator of Rob's World do hereby declare Miss Mudnessa a 4R Super Hero and all the bragging rights contained within the honor

  3. That is SUCH a great idea! Cute boxes! And I bet they would fit an elegant amount of mini muffins or cupcakes or something.

  4. Those boxes are super.