Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old jacket new necklace

I saw a great leather chain necklace tutorial on's blog.Which is originally which is a great blog that I am glad I found. Here is a cucumbersome's tutorial.

I then remembered the jacket I got probably 10+ years ago that while it is a nice leather jacket the color is way too much for a whole jacket, I think I wore it a grand total of 3 times. Seriously, what was I thinking, sometimes I really do need someone with me when I buy things.

So I took apart the jacket and using the large back panel I followed the steps in the tutorial and made myself a necklace of my own. I used a much smaller scale of the template because I wanted smaller pieces and I made mine much shorter than the original.

Added bonus for me is it matches my mermaid tattoo on my left upper arm. A total coincidence, I got the jacket WAY before I got the tattoo and I didn't choose the specific color for the tattoo. The original art is blue and the tattoo artist decided on the exact color to use on my tattoo based on my skin tone and all that good stuff. He is a good artist, a very good artist. It is actually the only tattoo I have out of 6 that has color because I am a bit concerned about clothes not matching my tattoo. My mom has a color tattoo on her arm and certain colors clash pretty badly with hers. I didn't even notice it matched until I finished the necklace and looked in the mirror.

I have 8 leather pieces left already cut out and a lot more jacket to work with, although they are all small strips/pieces, will probably make a bracelet the same way and see what else I can find to with left over leather pieces.


  1. Ohmygosh, love that necklace!! Now, I'm wishing I had a jacket lying around that I never wear...

  2. Very cool necklsce! good reuse too!

  3. You made that?!? Holy cow, it's cool!

  4. Yes and thank you VERY much. It is actually beyond simple and comes out looking amazing. I was not too meticulous and exact while cutting out the pieces. I have a big thing for necklaces so this will get A LOT of use.

  5. Love it! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I saw this on too. Totally love the idea & plan to make it. Yours turned out great!