Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jan 27th to Feb 2nd

In a picture collage:
The moon on Thursday when I got home from work as seen from my parking spot.

On Tuesday I was flicking my fat cat with her favorite toy, a shoelace tied on a plastic stick, because she was lying in her bed chewing her fur, prozac hasn't stopped it completely. Well I left the toy where it fell the last time I flicked it towards her. The stick was on the ground and the string was along the edge of her bed. We always leave her toys around and she has had this one for years. I finally grabbed it early Wednesday, around 1 am, I was watching tennis that was taking place in Australia, quite a time difference there. I grab the toy and it's half the size it use to be. She ATE half of the shoelace!! She never showed any signs of having eaten it, just look at that cute shoelace eating face. Then finally Monday morning she puked it up, she held onto that thing for quite a while. (I put that picture super tiny so you don't really have to see it.)

Saturday Rich and Harley Quinn were watching me make dinner and he decided he wanted to try and eat her. He stopped before he got a mouthful of Harley fur.

On Sunday I was in the animal room cleaning things up and Mookie the little box turtle came out to say hi. He's so cute. (not actually sure if he is a he yet. We named him after Mookie Wilson)

Not much going on this week, besides me checking litter boxes and watching cats to make sure they weren't going to need a trip to the vet for shoelace blockage.
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