Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make-up review

I am still using the make-up I posted about at the end of 2008, but I have added something to those products.

I bought Organic Wears Tinted Moisturizer. I now use this as a base and I love it as much as the other products of theirs. It combined with the face powder gives great light coverage. My freckles are all still visible but the redness I get on my forehead and my chin are gone. The moisturizer blends really well.

I wore it to work a few days, something I would never do except I wanted to see how it holds up. I work in a very well heated building and a very very well heated and high humidity room and of course the outdoors that I venture into and out of multiple times in a day. I sit directly in front of a fan space heater at some points in my day. When I got home from work it looked exactly like it had when I left for work. One of the days I worked I did some work that resulted in minor bits of water splashing on my face and I noticed no effects from that when I got home. It is winter so I am not getting super sweaty but again I wouldn't be wearing make-up to work normally or during any time I plan on getting all massively sweaty. I would only use it for times when I am going out or what not.

*All opinions are my own and not influenced by anything but my experience with a product and how I feel about them.

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