Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green(er) Make-up

I stopped wearing make-up a few months ago, I never wore that much. Eye liner and mascara a few times a week, sometimes some powder but I never found one I really liked. I then went looking for "green" make-up and I didn't have much success. About a month ago I went looking again and found some. I still rarely wear make-up, but sometimes it's nice to put it on and well do nothing because I never have anything to really do. The stuff is not perfect but it is better than what I had been using, E.L.F., Maybelline, and stuff like that.

What I got was Organic Wear eyeliner, concealer, and face powder. I really like the eyeliner, its very smooth and nourishing feeling and looks great. The powder is light in feeling and look, my husband actually remarked that it looked really good, as in he couldn't tell I was wearing it and the stuff I had been using apparently you could but he never told me that, men!! The concealer is pretty good, nothing special but works fine. For mascara I went with Lavera, seems a bit messy and gooey when in tube and on brush but goes on well and is very moisturizing. It's not water proof and does tend to smear a bit if you are prone to that but I wear it so infrequent that it's not an issue for me. It really feels like it is moisturizing my lashes instead of making them brittle and hard.

Since I am on the subject I will also share what I use to clean and care for my face. I am currently using mostly Burt's Bees products. To cleanse I regularly use Garden Tomato Complexion Soap with a face brush. I also use on occasion Citrus Facial Scrub, which I LOVE the smell of and it makes my face feel so soft and smooth and the Pore Refining Mask, is more fun than anything else. I don't notice much of a difference after I use this but it does not do any harm so I keep use it. I try to use both those once a week but usually its more like twice a month. I also use Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum and Herbal Blemish Stick. Both work very well I highly recommend them. I use the Serum on my forehead and my crow's feet, definitely has helped on my fore head and a bit on my eyes. The blemish stick is my best friend. I have always suffered from adult acne and this has helped tremendously. I take the roller ball off and use my finger to apply but other than that it is perfect. For lotion I use Jason's Aloe Vera 70% all over body lotion.

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