Friday, November 14, 2008

Tis the season . . .

to get junk . . .

Don't get me wrong I like getting gifts and I love getting fun things for my family and friends (although I can't really afford it this year) but what is a green person to do. I always get bottles of lotion and other things that I will never use, the lotions are full of parabens and other nasty things I prefer not to use, what do I do with these things?

It is a little easier with junk gifts, you know those little candle holders and other trinkets I also have not real need for, I can pass those on, give them to friends who will find a use for them, for a little bit at least, or add them to my junk pile that is on its way to goodwill or somewhere like that.

Still what do I do with the things I will never use and can't give to anyone else, like the lotions? Even if they came with a return receipt I can only exchange and most places don't have anything else I would use either. It is just a waste all together and I really wish people would learn who I am and really put thought into the gift instead of the female gets lotion or some sort of fairy related thing.

For the last few years I have told people I don't want anything or to give money to WWF or things like that, I even made a list available with specific things but for the most part they don't listen. It is getting to the point where I just want refuse the gifts when I get them, it seems to be the only way to get the point across. It just seems people don't understand what I am doing. It makes me feel a bit ashamed of what I do and that it makes me feel like this. Makes me feel anti-social, which I am but to an extreme, which I already am actually.

Then there are the cards, I get the mail and open up a Christmas card and its open before I get to the door and so I toss it in the recycle bin before it even gets in the house. Not that I don't understand why people send cards and its a tradition but its just such a waste when there is not even a personal note put on the card.

I guess it is not that big of a deal because it only happens once a year it just brings so much into the home that I don't want in it and brings so much guilt into my life for things that people get for me, I guess that is just something I need to work on within myself.

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