Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I think this means something

This happened on Sunday . . .

I think this mean I need to buy more pants, especially since its getting to being colder.
But I HATE shopping for pants. They never fit and they are so damn expensive. Thanks to my small waste (haha that's a funny typo so I shall leave it) and big ass, hips, and thighs they never fit right. When they fit in the waist I can barely get them over my thighs and forget about fitting my ass into them. When they fit my ass and thighs the waist is WAY too big and often times they seem to fit pretty well but when I actually wear them and do some walking they are nice and snug in the thighs but the act of walking pulls them down since the waist is so roomy.

I also don't know where to go shopping for pants, I went to Macy's last time and spent a few hours and got two pairs of pants for $20 each, not too bad but I would rather go to a thrift store but I am not sure where to go for that and it will probably cost the same and will that be any better, won't they just get destroyed a lot faster because they have already been used?
How long can I go without getting new clothes. I need to cover my ass and legs some way and I'm not a skirt girl, I tend to have issues covering what should be covered and well they just aren't as warm as pants are.

I have plenty of work pants, they mostly consist of boys sweat pants (a lot cheaper than womens and even girls) and yoga pants from Victoria's Secret but six years ago I decided I need to separate work clothes from not work clothes otherwise all my clothes end up with stains and I always have poop and nastiness on all my clothes. Not that I couldn't wear my work clothes out if they were clean, I never do anything important really but its nice to have clothes that you know aren't covered in poop and other animal parts and fluids.


  1. I found your blog via Crunchy's, and I must say...I have the EXACT same predicament--to the point that the first thing I thought when I saw the pic was, "OMG! BODY TWIN!" Aside from the fact that people tend to either openly make lewd remarks about my ass OR call me fat when they think I'm not listening, my biggest frustration is finding a pair of jeans that fits. I refuse to spend more than $20 on a pair, so that always limits me a bit. The pair of jeans I'm currently in love with are my Seven jeans. I got them for $15 at a closeout store. Seven sizes their jeans in inches rather than in numbers...I wear a 29, and you might too. Try to find some! I think they were sent from the goddess. :)

  2. i was texting with a friend when i was shopping last time and she said why dont you get them tailored? Yeah because im going to spend $50 on a pair of designer jeans that i just have to go spend more money on to actually fit me.

    i dont want jeans that fit like a glove but ones that i can actually function in. thanks for the suggestion ill look around for seven jeans.

  3. I too found your blog via Crunchy's... I also hate pants shopping due to my "non-conformist" lower half - no waist, regardless of how "skinny" I am (at a 4 and at a 14, my hips are only an inch or two wider than my waist...) I also have a bit more height than budget-friendly designers plan for... My solution - Old Navy (for off the rack... fits well enough to hang out in), and Value Village/Goodwill/Humane Society Thrift Shop plus my remedial sewing skills (for example, I'll find men's jeans that fit at my waist/hips (aim for your biggest part - it's easier to take in than let out), but are too long - I'll hem them and reinforce the belt loops).

    My college roomie also had the problem of small waist, large hips/thighs, and she used even more remedial sewing skills - she took a bit of elastic and sewed it inside the waistband of her jeans on both sides to help keep them up (about 2 or 3 inches long, sew one side of the elastic a little more than half the length (e.g. 1.5 to 2 inches) toward the back of the waistband from center (center being the folded part if you lay the jeans out flat like you were wearing them), then put them on, grab a pen/pencil, and pull the elastic so it's stretched a bit, and mark the end (make sure you're fairly balanced as far as tightness on each side). Another way (too much math for me) would be to figure out how many inches you needed to take in at the waist, and calculate the elastic/stretch for that...

    Good luck!


  4. yeah the length is no fun either but simpler for me to deal with as my problem is im short so i can just fold or hem them. also ankle length fit me better lengthwise at least. i need to learn to sew, i have no skills and if i could it would make so many things so much easier.

  5. I have the same problem with pants. My waist to butt ratio just doesn't seem to match the pants that are out there. I ended up spending WAY too much on a pair of WESC jeans. They fit pretty well, but they were about twice what I would normally spend on jeans (I am a tightwad) and for that money, I think they should fit perfectly. Still, they are the best option I'd found for my shape.