Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 21st to Jan 26th in pictures

I have a hard time remembering what happens day to day, you know all the normal stuff that isn't all that important but still I don't remember what happened last week. I also like to take snapshots of things I see and then I do nothing with them and forget when I took them and for what reason so I am going to try and do weekly updates of what I do in pictures. Let's see how long this lasts. It would be cool to follow my whole 2010 this way. I shall try.

Thursday 21st was still stormy. This is out my deck patio. Palm trees really show the wind and there are plenty of palm trees in San Diego.

Thursday night we got hail. I know it's minor and not that much but I live in San Diego we NEVER get hail, this is a monumental amount of hail so I don't wanna hear, aw that's nothing, IT IS FOR HERE, SO SUCK IT, hehe. I don't really have that attitude. But really this is monumental for here.

Friday was rain (drizzle to almost all other areas) on and off. The sky kept changing, look to the left it would be dark, look to the right there was blue sky. There were probably some nice rainbows but I didn't see them.

The above picture is to my left and below is to the right. That's not a rainbow at the top of the picture it's the change in color/tint of my car window.

A "mushroom" cloud of rain in the distance.

Friday: Part of palm tree that was blown down and collected some water.

Then Friday got all sorts of "bad", this is the bucket of nasty water I dropped my cell phone in. Luckily I got it out real fast dried it off and it fully recovered but it was acting up for 2 days after this and the battery is still acting up a bit. Need to remember to not tweet while working especially when over buckets of water.

Sunday my cats displayed their displeasure for each other in an interesting way. By sleeping "together" but with a bag between them. Harley Quinn loves sleeping under paper bags, she was there first then Otsego came and joined her. I guess they can be close to each other they just don't want to see each other. They are hilarious sometimes.

Monday I was greeted at work by Atticus Rex, I spent a few minutes giving him some attention, I love this dog.

Here is the view from the other side. He is a huge dog, look at the size of his paw, it's as big as my shoulder.

I really love this picture, mostly the trees and sky in the background.

Friday was a lovely day, sunny and warm and because of that Tank the resident Sulcata tortoise was up and roaming the yard. As evening came I noticed my boss and his wife wandering the front yard. Turns out they couldn't find Tank, he sleeps in the warm garage and usually chooses a corner to jam himself into. Well he wasn't in any corner or anywhere else in the garage and they feared he had some how found a way out or made his way out the gate when someone came or went. They were out there for a good hour I think, I got to the point in my day where I had to do some work in the garage. I go out there and my bosses wife starts asking me when I got there so they could try and figure out a time line for Tank escaping. As she is talking to me I look down and there he is, he shoved himself not in a corner of the room but on the bottom shelf of a rack. It was corner enough for him I guess since he was up against some boxes.

He wasn't as visible as the above picture looks. Below is the picture from where I was standing when I looked down and saw him. Pretty good camouflage up against boxes and the particle board shelf on the left side of the picture.

And this is right on a corner so even from the other direction he isn't very visible. You can barely see his shell sticking out on the lower right side of the picture. I'm sure he feels pretty secure here though.

Tuesday: Here is a picture of a pretty typical morning for me, on the couch watching what I DVR'd the night before, taking a look around the net, enjoying some coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. Recently, because of the cold weather my fat cat has been shoving herself onto my lap. So I sit with my legs falling asleep with the fatty on one leg and the lap top on the other. The mornings are cold so I let her stay for a bit and warm me up. She doesn't fit very well on my leg but she insists.

More about my cat. By fat I mean she's down to 22 pounds from close to 30. She is also the one who is on Prozac for what is diagnosed as psychogenic alopecia. She's a very anxious cat for some unknown reason and to cope she would chew the fur off her underside, started at the belly and she got as close to her neck as she could. We had it under control for a few years with flower essences but then I went on a long weekend vacation in March and she could not deal. My husband was home the whole time but guess she just needs me. Anyways the Prozac has been working great and I don't have to worry about her getting hairball blockages. She's had issues with them twice in the past, both passed on their own but one required a few nights stay at the vet. She is also a picky eater who won't eat anything but her food so getting her to eat hairball gel is IMPOSSIBLE and she really doesn't need the extra stress of another overnight vet visit due to a huge hairball.

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