Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My week so far in pictures (and a video)

Monday I got my spot on the couch stolen by Harley Quinn

But she is so adorable I couldn't move her

When you don't make the bed in the morning it make it difficult for Otsego to find a comfy spot on the bed.

Tuesday was quite stormy, we had a Tornado warning in several spots in San Diego County. Here is a video I took out my bedroom window about an hour before the tornado warning.

This picture was just about an hour after I took the video.

Wednesday I got to work and pretty quickly cut my finer on this lovely rusty hinge while closing up the cage next to it.


  1. You call that a rain storm??? Here in the North west we call that a sprinkle LOL

  2. Yeah yeah I know but in the last 24 hours alone we've had almost 4 inches and that's the average for the whole month of January usually. The ground and everything in this area can't handle all this rain, despite it being norm for else where. It's more about the collection of water versus the actual falling of it.

  3. Oh! I will sit in the most uncomfortable spots so as not to disrupt the pets when they look comfy. It's so funny!