Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My new bag, I made it myself!

I have had my Mom's sewing machine since the summer and I have dabbled here and there with very minor things and was kinda getting the hang of basic sewing. I thought I was at the point to actually attempt to make myself a new bag.

I have wanted a nice simple shoulder bag to carry my things in that fit in with my daily life a bit more than my leather Coach purse. Not that I don't love my Coach purse but it just really doesn't fit my daily life any more, I felt a bit hypocritical buying all natural, organic, healthy foods and things with my coach purse, it just didn't fit. I had been using a little cloth handbag I found in my Mom's closet, it was a bit small for all my stuff, it didn't have a shoulder strap, and it had sequins on it that always scratched and scraped my leg/arm/side when I was carrying it. I thought about buying something from Etsy but couldn't find something I loved available in a pattern I loved. So I looked around on the internet and found a tutorial for a bag I liked and the tutorial seemed simple and easy. It's from Tiny Happy and the tutorial can be found here.

For Christmas a friend got me a gift card to Jo-Ann's, I went and picked up some fabric (I really love the fabric I picked for the inside lining), a button, and some tailors chalk. That night I sat down and made my bag. Here is the finished product I made on my 1st attempt all by myself and I LOVE IT!

I have since added a lot of craft and sewing blogs to my reader so time and money permitting I should be able to make a lot more cool things utilizing my new love for making things, teehee.


  1. I love the fabric! I have a one eyed dog and have a lot of piratey things too.

    Did you create the pattern?

  2. The tutorial from Tiny Happy has a pattern, I tweaked it a bit and when I make another one I will probably make the strap thinner, just a personal preference.

  3. Cool now make me a G-string or a Man Thong LOL LOL

  4. Super crafty and a pretty nice bag all up. Still if your coach needs a new home....

    Btw new web design? looks good.

  5. I like the unusual pattern.

    And I know what you mean about feeling hypocritical about the Coach bag! I have a trusty old Urban Outfitters purse that I feel guilty about using, and recently the zip broke, but I gathered that it would be better to repair it than to buy a new one, right? ;)

  6. Sorry D I shall not send my Coach purse to a Roddick fan, just can't do it ;)

    Rob be careful what you wish for...or actually I think I'm afraid of what you are wishing for...

  7. LOVE IT! Those fabrics are amazing! And you did such a great job!