Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I didn't get to this weekend

Warning this will be a pretty negative post. I have thought that maybe I should try and not be negative but I just can't so...

This weekend I didn't:
  • clean the water turtles pool
  • feed the snakes
  • clean up the box turtles water dish and food dishes
  • clean my geckos food dishes and feed it
  • clean the fish tank
  • vacuum
  • brush the little one (my youngest medium haired cat that gets massive hairballs)
  • put away clothes (dirty and clean ones)
  • watch the netflix discs I have and have had for about a month
  • watch the many things I need to delete off the dvr

I did get the shower curtain cleaned and hung to dry. We only use one of our bathroom showers now so I rotate the shower curtains every few months to get them good and clean. I'd like to say I got the shower/tub clean but I honestly think that thing is beyond cleanable. It is plastic and the bottom is grey and I can't get it clean with anything I try. I have even reverted to bleach with no success. The caulk around the edges has mold all under it, pretty sure they caulked over the mold that was there from the previous residents (you should have seen the state of the toilet, talk about nasty). I am pretty good at inhibiting new mold growth but have lapses that are impossible to repair, also tried bleach here with no success. The walls are pretty easy to clean, they don't seem to be as porous as the bottom. I didn't even get to catch up much needed sleep or read the library book I have had for over a month. Basically I did a whole lot of nothing but stress and have quite a little episode of inability to cope with that stress.

Oh woe is me(being sarcastic), I really need to learn to deal with everyday stress better so I don't have wasteful weekends and feel like absolute crap as a result. I really don't have a lot to complain about I know that but I just can't seem to convince myself not to feel the way I do.

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